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60 Results
Star wars. A new dawn —Miller, John Jackson.

As Emperor Palpatine tightens his iron grip on the Galactic Republic, which he acquired control of through betrayal, his subjects and those whose lives he destroyed begin to question his means and motives.

The Enterprise war —Miller, John Jackson, author.

Hearing of the outbreak of hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, Captain Christopher Pike attempts to bring the U.S.S. Enterprise home to join in the fight. But in the hellish nebul...

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. Volume 8, Destroyer —Miller, John Jackson.
Graphic Novel
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The Old Republic (25,000-1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin) was the legendary government that united a galaxy under the rule of the Senate. The events in this story take place approximately 3,963 years before the Ba...

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. Volume 7, Dueling ambitions —Miller, John Jackson.
Graphic Novel
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"Free at last from the false charges against him, former Jedi student Zayne Carrick is ready and able to seek his fortune across the galaxy. Accepting a partnership with his con-artist companion Gryph, Zayne and his frie...

Batman. The complete first season

The entire first season, complete with cliffhangers, Bat-gadgets and alter egos, is captured here, including an episode guide to all the pop culture and adventure. Witness the debut of diabolical foes, from the raucous R...

Star wars. Kenobi —Miller, John Jackson.

Exiled to Tatooine, Obi-Wan Kenobi works to hide his Jedi powers and establish an alternate identity for himself as an eccentric hermit while protecting an infant Luke Skywalker and aiding the residents of Tatooine.

Star Wars Legends. Volume 1. The Old Republic —Miller, John Jackson.
Graphic Novel
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A long, LONG time ago... Discover the state of the Star Wars galaxy in the distant past in this first volume of an Epic Collection series focusing on the ancient Knights of the Old Republic! When young Jedi Zayne Carrick...

Star Wars Omnibus. Volume 2 Knights of the Old Republic —Miller, John Jackson, author.
Graphic Novel
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"Thousands of years before Luke Skywalker, struggling Jedi-in-training Zayne Carrick has been framed by his own Masters for the massacre they committed. Now a fugitive, Zayne will find unexpected allies while on the run ...

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