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7 Results
The muskox and the caribou —Mike, Nadia, author.

"Baby Muskox is all alone on the tundra, lost and very worried. When Mother Caribou and Baby Caribou find him, they bring him back to their herd. Even though Baby Muskox finds comfort with Mother Caribou, he knows he's a...

Tuka's hurt feelings —Mike, Nadia, author.

"Sissi and Tuka are good friends, but one day Tuka notices some changes in Sissi. She isn't being very nice, and sometimes she hurts Tuka's feelings. How can Tuka find a way to let Sissi know how her behaviour is making ...

Leah's mustache party —Mike, Nadia, author.

Four-year-old Leah loved being a pirate for Halloween. She never considered being a princess or a fairy. But once Halloween has come and gone, Leah misses so many things about her costume. She misses her sword. She misse...

Ukaliq and Kalla go fishing —Mike, Nadia, author.

"Ukaliq and Kalla are two friends who could not be more different. Ukaliq is loud, excited, and always looking for adventure. Kalla, on the other hand, is calm, quiet, and knows it's best to be well prepared before trave...

What was it like then? / written by Nadia Mike ; illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko. —Mike, Nadia, author.

Miali loves spending time with her anaanatsiaq! Anaanatsiaq has lots of stories to share about her past. Miali loves listening to Anaanatsiaq's stories and learning about what life was like long ago.

Traditional Inuit clothing —Mike, Nadia, author.

Living in the North requires very special clothing to stay warm and move easily over the ice!"--Back cover.