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82 Results
We're going on a leaf hunt —Metzger, Steve, author.

Three friends go on a hike searching for fall leaves.

This is the house that monsters built —Metzger, Steve, author.

Using the building verse of the original nursery rhyme, a mummy, a skeleton, a zombie, and other monsters create a house.

When the leaf blew in —Metzger, Steve.

A leaf blown into a barn causes a cow to sneeze thus setting off a series of events among the farmyard animals.

Detective Blue —Metzger, Steve.

With the help of his nursery rhyme friends, Little Boy Blue, who now runs a detective agency, solves the mystery of the missing Miss Muffet.

Will Princess Isabel ever say please? —Metzger, Steve.

Princess Isabel has such bad manners that even though she has many chances to marry a handsome prince, each one is put off by her rudeness.

The ice cream king —Metzger, Steve.

When Teddy visits a new ice cream shop and puts a paper crown on his head, he enters a magical kingdom where he can eat all the ice cream he wants.

We're going on a nature hunt —Metzger, Steve.

On a perfect spring day three friends go on a nature hunt.

When the leaf blew in —Metzger, Steve.

Story about the chain of events happening on a farm when a single leaf blows into the barn.

Princess Kitty —Metzger, Steve.

Believing her life to be much more glamorous than it is in reality, a cat with a big imagination is convinced that a family surprise party must be for her.

Skeleton meets the mummy —Metzger, Steve.

"On Halloween night, Sammy has to make a quick trip through the dark woods before he can go trick-or-treating. But someone -- or something -- is following him. What could it be?" --- [P.] 4 of cover.

Pluto visits Earth! —Metzger, Steve.

Angry at being downgraded to a dwarf planet by Earth scientists, Pluto travels through the solar system, asking other planets along the way for support, in hopes of regaining his planetary status.

The turkey train —Metzger, Steve.

The Turkey Train to Maine is a fun ride for turkeys and humans, with games and singing and a winter wonderland as your destination.

Under the apple tree —Metzger, Steve.

There's a lot to do and lots to see underneath one boy's backyard home-- the apple tree!

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