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Moby-Dick : or, The whale —Melville, Herman, 1819-1891, author.

Looking for adventure and a new life, Ishmael, the story's narrator, decides to find work on a whaling boat. On arriving at the Massachusetts harbour to begin his search, the only bed available is already half occupied b...

Moby-Dick —Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.
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Listen to Herman Melville's classic and symbolic epic about a vengeful captain and his relentless efforts to capture the monstrous white whale that devoured his leg.

Moby Dick : the illustrated novel —Melville, Herman, 1819-1891, author.

Every reader knows the obsessive story of Captain Ahab and the famous white whale. Moby Dick is the great American novel, a monument of literature. Based on the events depicted in the "Narrative of the Most Extraordinary...

Graphic classics. Moby Dick —Furse, Sophie.
Graphic Novel
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Ishmael's dream of adventure on a whaling ship becomes a nightmare as the voyage turns into a struggle for survival. Captain Ahab, maimed by a monster whale, is obsessed with revenge. As the crew discovers, he is willing...

Herman Melville's Moby Dick

A whaling ship captain seeks out the great white whale who maimed and disfigured him.

Moby Dick —Chabouté, 1967- author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
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"A masterful adaptation of the timeless literary classic, faithfully and beautifully rendered by an award-winning artist. In striking black-and-white illustrations, Chabouté retells the story of the Great American Novel...

Moby Dick

Consumed by an insane rage, Captain Ahab has but one purpose in life - revenge on Moby Dick, the great white whale who maimed and disfigured him. The obsessed skipper of a whaling boat, Ahab uses his command as an excus...

Moby-Dick —Olmstead, Kathleen, author.

An abridged retelling of the adventures of a young seaman when he joins the crew of the whaling ship Pequod, led by the fanatical Captain Ahab in pursuit of the white whale Moby Dick.

Moby Dick —Furse, Sophie.
Graphic Novel
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Captain Ahab's determination to find and kill the great white whale becomes an obsession driving him to disaster.

Moby Dick —Eisner, Will.
Graphic Novel
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Ishmael, a sailor, recounts the ill-fated voyage of a whaling ship led by the fanatical Captain Ahab in search of the white whale that had crippled him. Presented in comic book format.

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