8 Results
8 Results
Hannah Sparkles : a friend through rain or shine —Mellom, Robin, author.

Hannah Sparkles, an enthusiastic little girl who loves life and pom-poms, learns that everyone finds happiness in different ways.

Confessions from the principal's kid —Mellom, Robin, author.

Allie West finds it challenging to make new friends and stay true to old ones as she navigates fifth grade at a school run by her mother.

The pages between us —Leavitt, Lindsey, author.

Disappointed to learn that they will not be in many classes together when starting the sixth grade, best friends Piper and Olivia stay in touch by sharing a journal only to realize that their respective goals are taking ...

The classroom : the epic documentary of a not-yet-epic kid —Mellom, Robin.

As a documentary is filmed at their middle school, roles reverse for worrier Trevor and his lifelong best friend Libby, who has always rescued him from embarrassing situations but is now focused on being "cool" and no lo...

Ditched : a love story —Mellom, Robin.

When high school student Justina ends up in a ditch in the middle of the night after prom, she stumbles to a nearby 7-Eleven where she tries to recall exactly how she got there.

Confessions from the principal's kid —Mellom, Robin, author

During the school day, fifth-grader Allie West is an outsider. Everyone knows the principal's kid might tattle to her mom! But after school, Allie is an insider. She's friendly with the janitor, knows the shortest routes...

The classroom : trick out my school! —Mellom, Robin.

When a second documentary crew arrives at Westside Middle School to film a renowned Hollywood designer's renovations, seventh-grader Trevor Jones is chosen to join the design team and faces a makeover of his own.

The Pages Between Us : In the Spotlight —Leavitt, Lindsey, author.

BFFs Olivia and Piper star in this fun snapshot of middle grade friendship told in a sweet journal-style book packed with engaging art. This is a follow-up to The Pages Between Us , by beloved middle grade authors Lindse...