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36 Results
The 100th day of school —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

School children learn 100 spelling words, plant 100 seeds, bake 100 cookies, and "do everything the 100 way" to celebrate their 100th day of school.

Seeds grow —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

In simple rhymes, describes how seeds turn into sunflowers.

Here comes the snow —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

After waiting anxiously for the arrival of snow, children enjoy it by making snow angels, throwing snowballs, and riding their sleds.

On the way to the pond —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

While going on a picnic together, Herbert Hippo teases Tess Tiger about all of the things she has brought along, until he learns just how important they can be.

Lucy's quiet book —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

When the children's librarian gives Lucy a book that helps her quiet her noisy brothers, Lucy learns the power of a story. Includes activities and tips for helping a child become a better reader.

We eat dinner in the bathtub —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

A child visits a friend who lives in a topsy-turvy house.

Too much talk —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

A retelling of a traditional West African tale about a king who refuses to believe that yams, fish, and cloth can talk until his throne agrees with him.

We play on a rainy day —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

Children pout when the rain begins, but, soon, properly dressed, they enjoy playing outdoors in the rain.

Seven spools of thread : a Kwanzaa story —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

When they are given the seemingly impossible task of turning thread into gold, the seven Ashanti brothers put aside their differences, learn to get along, and embody the principles of Kwanzaa. Includes information on Kwa...

The biggest snowball fight! —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

A snowball fight leads to a new dance and starts a new town tradition.

Snug in Mama's arms —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

As she snuggles her daughter in her arms at bedtime, a mother describes how animals and children around the world go to sleep.

The ghost of Sifty Sifty Sam —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

To win a $5000 reward, a chef named Dan agrees to stay in a haunted house overnight and when he meets a very hungry ghost, he gets more than he had expected.

Haunts : five hair-raising tales —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

A collection of stories mainly set in Texas and based on tales of local ghosts.

The Kitchen Diva's diabetic cookbook : 150 healthy, delicious recipes for diabetics and those who dine with them —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook is an inspirational collection of more than 150 simple, flavorful, budget-friendly recipes that address the dietary needs of prediabetics, juvenile diabetics, type 1 and type 2 diabet...

Poppa's new pants —Medearis, Angela Shelf, 1956-

Poppa finds a pair of lovely pants, only six inches too long, but Grandma Tiny, Big Momma, and Aunt Viney are all too tired to hem them before church.

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