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Sunshine —McKinley, Robin.

"There are places in the world where darkness rules, where it's unwise to walk. Sunshine knew that. But there hadn't been any trouble out at the lake for years, and she needed a place to be alone for a while. Unfortunate...

Beauty : a retelling of the story of Beauty & the beast —McKinley, Robin.

Kind Beauty grows to love the Beast at whose castle she is compelled to stay and through her love releases him from the spell which had turned him from a handsome prince into an ugly beast.

The hero and the crown —McKinley, Robin.

Aerin, with the guidance of the wizard Luthe and the help of the blue sword, wins the birthright due her as the daughter of the Damarian king and a witchwoman of the mysterious, demon-haunted North.

The stone fey —McKinley, Robin.

Newbery Medalist Robin McKinley, author of "The Hero and the Crown" and "The Blue Sword", returns to The Hills of Damar with a passionate and unsettling love story. Full color.

Spindle's end —McKinley, Robin, author.

The infant princess Briar Rose is cursed by Pernicia, an evil fairy. The princess is whisked away by a young fairy to be raised in a remote part of a magical country, unaware of her real identity and hidden from Pernicia...

The Blue Sword —McKinley, Robin.

Harry, bored with her sheltered life in the remote orange-growing colony of Daria, discovers magic in herself when she is kidnapped by a native king with mysterious powers.

Read it and weep

14-year-old Jamie is frustrated by the cruelty of the popular crowd at her school, especially nasty Sawyer; she writes about it in her journal, giving all the characters fictional names and characterizing herself as a gi...

Deerskin —McKinley, Robin.

As Princess Lissar reaches womanhood, it is clear to all the kingdom that in her breathtaking beauty she is the mirror image of her mother, the queen--but this seeming blessing forces her to flee from her father's wrath....

Chalice —McKinley, Robin.

A beekeeper by trade, Mirasol's life changes completely when she is named the new Chalice, the most important advisor to the new Master, a former priest of fire.

Shadows —McKinley, Robin.

Maggie knows something{u2019}s off about Val, her mom{u2019}s new husband. Val is from Oldworld, where they still use magic, and he won{u2019}t have any tech in his office-shed behind the house. But{u2014}more importantl...

Pegasus —McKinley, Robin, author.

Because of a thousand-year-old alliance between humans and pegasi, Princess Sylvi is ceremonially bound to Ebon, her own pegasus, on her twelfth birthday, but the closeness of their bond becomes a threat to the status qu...

Dragonhaven —McKinley, Robin.

When Jake Mendoza, who lives in the Smokehill National Park where his father runs the Makepeace Institute of Integrated Dragon Studies, goes on his first solo overnight in the park, he finds an infant dragon whose mother...

Tales from The jungle book —McKinley, Robin.

An adaptation of the well-known adventures of Mowgli, a boy reared by a pack of wolves, and the wild animals of the jungle.

Black Beauty —McKinley, Robin.

A horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his experiences with both good and bad masters.

The door in the hedge —McKinley, Robin.

A collection of four tales in which princesses play important roles.

The outlaws of Sherwood —McKinley, Robin.

The author retells the adventures of Robin Hood and his band of outlaws who live in Sherwood Forest in twelfth-century England.

Sunshine —McKinley, Robin.

All hope for stopping the vampiric elite from controlling earth depends on human SOFs (Special Other Forces) and the success of their attempt to recruit Sunshine, the daughter of legendary sorcerer Onyx Blaise.

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