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Stained glass a Father Dowling mystery —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.
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With too many churches and not enough people to fill them, the Archdiocese has to make some cuts, and many of them, including the proposed closing of St. Hilary's are dangeriously close to the bone. Father Dowling rushes...

Ash Wednesday a Father Dowling mystery —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.
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Parishioners are poised to revolt when Father Dowling welcomes a convicted murderer into his church. But could it be that the man, imprisoned years ago for killing his wife, was innocent?

Last things : a Father Dowling mystery —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.

When one of his parishioners comes to Father Dowling to request counselling for her niece, the venerable priest soon finds himself involved in a bitter family conflict - and a murder.

Celt and pepper —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.

When a popular young teacher and promising poet dies unexpectedly, everyone accepts the verdict of a heart attack. Everyone except professor Roger Knight who, with the help of his private investigator brother, delves int...

Blood ties : a Father Dowling mystery —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.

A young woman turns to Father Dowling for help in finding her birth parents, only to discover that the one person linking her to the past has been murdered.

The third revelation —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.

"Retired CIA operative Vincent Traeger spent years working undercover in Rome. Now, he is going back to solve a mystery. The Vatican's secretary of state has been brutally murdered along with a prefect of the Vatican Lib...

Irish coffee —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.

A death in the university's athletic department sends Professor Roger Knight and his brother Phil, a private investigator, on a hunt for a killer. But suspects do not materialize until the victim's funeral.

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