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38 Results
Ready for kindergarten, Stinky Face? —McCourt, Lisa.

A mother reassures her son when he imagines increasingly silly things that might go wrong on his first day of kindergarten.

I love you, Stinky Face —McCourt, Lisa.

A mother and child discuss how the mother's love would remain constant even if her child were a stinky skunk, scary ape, or bug-eating green alien.

Happy Halloween, Stinky Face —McCourt, Lisa.

A mother reassures her young son as he imagines all the things that might go wrong while trick-or-treating.

Chicken soup for little souls : the Goodness Gorillas —McCourt, Lisa.

Jessica and her classmates form a club whose mission is to perform acts of kindness, even for the meanest boy in the class.

Chicken soup for little souls : a dog of my own —McCourt, Lisa.

Ben rescues a dog who is afraid of everything and uses love and patience to earn his confidence and bring out his good qualities.

I miss you, Stinky Face —McCourt, Lisa.

On the telephone to her son, a mother promises the many ways she will come to rejoin him, traveling by hot air balloon, camel, cheetah, and shark.

It's time for school, Stinky Face —McCourt, Lisa.

As a young boy wonders about all the things that might go wrong at school, his mother reassures him.

Good night, Princess Pruney-Toes —McCourt, Lisa.

With the help of her loyal subject, Sir Daddy, a young girl pretends to be a princess as she gets ready for bed.

Goodnight, stinky face —McCourt, Lisa, author.

Stinky Face doesn't want to go to sleep by himself with that weird plop-plop sound he keeps hearing. As always, Mama knows exactly how to soothe her sweet Stinky Face to sleep.

It's the 100th day, Stinky Face! —McCourt, Lisa.

Mama helps Stinky Face discover one hundred things he can bring to school that are special to him.

Chicken soup for little souls : the best night out with Dad —McCourt, Lisa.

When he realizes that little Vincent's father can't afford to pay for circus tickets, Danny must decide whether to share his tickets or to use them himself.

Chicken soup for little souls reader. The greatest gift of all —McCourt, Lisa.

Izzy's summer is going to be ruined! Her parents won't let her go to Pine View Camp with all her friends. But things begin to change for Izzy when she starts to give-back time with Grandpa Mike and meets the braids girl....

Chicken soup for little souls : the never-forgotten doll —McCourt, Lisa.

Ellie's love for Miss Maggie, her babysitter, helps her find a way to give Miss Maggie the best birthday present ever.

Thank you, Stinky Face —McCourt, Lisa, author.

"When Mama tells Stinky Face she's thankful for him, he has some questions. Is she really thankful for every single bit of him--even his sticky fingers? Even his puckered-up mouth? Mama assures Stinky Face that she wi...

Merry Christmas, stinky face —McCourt, Lisa, author.

As Christmas draws near, a young child is filled with questions about all of the things that could possibly go wrong, but Mama always finds a solution.

Granny's dragon —McCourt, Lisa.

A grandmother tells her grandchild that an invisible dragon will provide protection from the monsters that she fears at night.

Chicken soup for little souls : the Braids Girl —McCourt, Lisa.

While helping Grandpa Mike do volunteer work at a shelter for less fortunate people, Izzy tries to figure out the best way to help a girl her own age who is staying there.

Della Splatnuk, birthday girl —McCourt, Lisa.

At first reluctant to attend Della's birthday party because all the kids think that she is weird, Carrie finds herself the only guest and decides to make it Della's best birthday ever.

The yummiest love —McCourt, Lisa.

A bear tells its child some of the many reasons for the love that exists between them.

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