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86 Results
Where the world ends —McCaughrean, Geraldine, author.

In the summer of 1727, Quill and his friends are put ashore on a remote sea stac to harvest birds for food, and only the end of the world can explain why no boat returns to collect them.

Roman myths —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Retellings of fifteen Roman myths chronicling the exploits and adventures of Venus, Aeneas, Romulus and Remus, Diana, and others.

Grandma Chickenlegs —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

In this variation of the traditional Baba Yaga story, a young girl must rely on the advice of her dead mother and her special doll when her wicked stepmother sends her to get a needle from Grandma Chickenlegs.

The Jesse tree —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

The stories that tell of Christ's lineage unfold as an old carpenter begrudgingly tells a young boy about the Jesse tree he is carving.

Unicorns! Unicorns! —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

As the rains come and the flood waters rise, Noah and the animals on the ark repeatedly call to the unicorns to hurry aboard.

Casting the gods adrift —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Tutmose, an apprentice sculptor, and his nearly-blind brother, Ibrim, an apprentice musician, are content at the court of Pharaoh Akhenaten, but their father rages against Pharoah's rejection of traditional Egyptian gods...

My grandmother's clock —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, seasons, years... Time is just too big to fit inside a clock.

Gilgamesh the hero —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu are friends--best friends. Together they can work wonders, fight monsters, brave earthquakes, travel the world! But waiting in the dark is the one enemy they can never overcome.

Greek heroes —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Collected stories of four heroes, Perseus, Hercules, Theseus, and Odysseus, who follow the path of glory in their many unforgettable adventures.

Theseus —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Young Theseus brings peace to the city of Athens and, with the help of Ariadne, destroys the Minotaur.

One bright penny —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

A clever tale where a father gives his three children a challenge.

Hercules —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

The story of Hercules, son of Zeus.

Perseus —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

With the aid of his father Zeus, young Perseus vanquishes the serpent-haired Medusa whose gaze turns people to stone and rescues the Princess Andromeda and Danae, his mother.

Blue moon mountain —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

One bright starlit night, Joy wakes to see a glittering path of moonlight stretching off into the distance. Curious, she slips out of bed and follows the path till she reaches Blue Moon Mountain. There she discovers a st...

The Orchard book of Greek myths —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

This collection of Greek myths catches all the magic of the stories for today's readers with its lively retellings and appealing illustrations.

El Cid —McCaughrean, Geraldine.

Retells the epic story of El Cid, the legendary hero of medieval Spain.

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