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36 Results
Just a snowy vacation —Mayer, Gina, author.

Little Critter and his family travel to the mountains for a skiing vacation.

I'm sorry —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter learns that just saying I'm sorry when he does something wrong isn't always enough.

Just a bully —Mayer, Gina.

A brother and sister defend themselves when a bully starts to pick on them.

Just a baseball game —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter learns about sportsmenship when he joins a little league baseball team.

The new potty —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter's baby sister learns to use her potty.

Just not invited —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter isn't invited to a birthday party.

Just a piggy bank —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter learns about earning and saving money.

Just a new neighbor —Mayer, Gina.

When a new neighbor moves in next door, a little boy learns that playing with a little girl can be fun.

Just say please —Mayer, Gina.

Liitle Critter learns about good manners at school and tries to put them into practice at home.

Just a toy —Mayer, Gina.

Dad takes Little Critter and his sister to the toy store.

Just a bad day —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter's day goes from bad to worse.

Just me and my cousin —Mayer, Gina.

Little Critter's visit to his cousin's house doesn't go just the way he'd like it to go, but everything turns out all right at the end of the day.

Just a bad day —Mayer, Gina, author.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just know it is going to be a bad day.

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