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15 Results
Maze of magic —Marsham, Liz, author.

When a family goes missing during their trip to Greece, it's up to Wonder Woman to find the travelers. But the slithering villain Medusa has set a tricky trap. Can Wonder Woman turn Medusa's evil deeds into ancient histo...

The ultimate Spider-Man —Marsham, Liz, author.

When Peter Parker encounters an evil scientist and his friend Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider, he must use his powers to show Miles how to be a real hero.

Incredibles 2. Heroes at home —Marsham, Liz, author.
Graphic Novel
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"Trying to help ... Violet and Dash are part of a Super family, and they try to help out at home in two adventures! Can they pick up groceries and secretly stop some bad guys? And can they clean up the house while Jack-J...

The world of Critical Role : the history behind the epic fantasy —Marsham, Liz, author.

"A guide to the massively popular fantasy RPG livestream offers previously unreleased photos and artwork, sharing cast insights into its origins and storylines as well as the diverse array of art and cosplay that Critica...

Sleeper shift —Marsham, Liz, author.

"Ms. Nowhere gives Tony Toretto and his crew their latest mission: Find the hacker known as Alecto and stop her before she releases stolen (and super confidential!) data. Unfortunately, their mission doesn't go quite as ...

Harley Quinn : wild card —Marsham, Liz, author.

Explains the back story of Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who became obsessed with the Joker and turned into his demented sidekick to battle against Batman and Robin.

Ariel Is Fearless / Jasmine Is Helpful / By Suzanne Francis ; Illustrated By The Disney Storybook Art Team

Ariel is fearless: Ariel and Flounder must find night lilies to bring back to Andrina.