7 Results
7 Results
The bookstore valentine —Maitland, Barbara.

A clever cat brings together Miss Button and Mr. Brown for Valentine's Day.

The bookstore ghost —Maitland, Barbara.

The cat which Mr. Brown gets to catch the mice in his bookstore comes up with a very unusual way to attract customers.

Moo in the morning —Maitland, Barbara.

Tired of all the loud city noises early in the morning, a mother and child visit a farm, where very different noises greet them when the sun comes up.

The bookstore burglar —Maitland, Barbara.

Cobweb the cat and her best friends, who are mice, save the spooky Black Cat Bookstore from a burglar who says he doesn't believe in ghosts.

The bear who didn't like honey —Maitland, Barbara.

Little Bear is scared of all kinds of things, but when he comes upon an even smaller cub stranded in a tall tree, Little Bear conquers his fear and discovers that he is really very brave.