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31 Results
The most fun —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Each season brings new adventures for Barkus the dog, Baby the kitten, and their human family.

Dog dreams —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Barkus is a large and very clever dog, and Baby is a cat, and together their adventures make life exciting for seven-year-old Nicky and her family. The lovable Barkus and his lucky young owner romp through the pages of t...

Prairie days —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Describes summer days growing up on the prairie.

Chicken talk —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

"From Newbery Medalist MacLachlan and New York Times-bestselling illustrator Krosoczka comes a cheeky and heartwarming picture book about chickens who scratch messages around the farm for their humans to find--resulting ...

The hundred-year barn —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

One hundred years ago, a little boy watched his family and community come together to build a grand red barn. This barn become his refuge and home-a place to play with friends and farm animals alike. As seasons passed, t...

Little Robot alone —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

When Little Robot finds a creative solution to his lonliness he gets straight to work on shaping the perfect companion out of metal, and affectionately names him Little Dog.

Barkus —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Barkus is a large and very smart dog who comes to live with seven-year-old Nicky when Nicky's Uncle Everton goes traveling--and soon he is a family and school favorite.

My friend Earth —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Die-cut pages invite reader to explore how Earth is a friend to all creatures, watching over us as the year cycles through the seasons.

The moon's almost here —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Illustrations and rhyming text follow an assortment of creatures as they make their way to a nest, the shore, or a porch while the day comes to an end and the moon begins to rise.

Someone like me —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

In this semi-autobiographical picture book, author Patricia MacLachlan relates what it might take to grow up to become a writer.

When grandfather flew —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

As Emma grieves the loss of her grandfather, she reflects on their shared love of birdwatching.

The poet's dog —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

From Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan comes a poignant story about two children, a poet, and a dog and how they help one another survive loss and recapture love. "Just what I needed," raves Brightly.com. "It's a ...

A secret shared —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

"Nora and Ben's younger sister Birdy loves to keep secrets. She surprises her family more than once: She hides a kitten in her room. She writes a beautiful poem. One day Birdy watches her mother spit into a tube, ready t...

Wondrous Rex —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

"Grace's aunt is a writer. She works with words every day and teaches Grace interesting words like 'melancholy'and 'delirious.' But Lily is often 'flummoxed' by her writing. Her stories don't go anywhere, her desk is a m...

Dream within a dream —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Eleven-year-old aspiring writer Louisa considers traveling the world with her globetrotting parents, but friendship with George helps her to see her grandparents' farm on Deer Island in a new light.

My life begins! —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Dubbing his new triplet sisters "the Trips," nine-year-old Jacob studies them for a science project by watching them grow and realizes they aren't just "the Trips" anymore, but individuals he has come to love.

The iridescence of birds : a book about Henri Matisse —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

"If you were a boy named Henri Matisse who lived in a dreary French town where there were grey skies and you wanted color and light and sun, what might you become?"--Jacket.

My father's words —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
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Patricia MacLachlan has crafted another lyrical and touching novel for young listeners about finding hope after the loss of a loved one.

Just dance —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

On a farm in the middle of the prairie, ten-year-old Sylvie struggles to understand why her mother gave up singing on stage while she sets off on an adventure of her own as the town reporter.

Wondrous Rex —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
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Grace's aunt is a writer. She works with words every day and teaches Grace interesting words like "melancholy" and "delirious." But Lily is often "flummoxed" by her writing. Her stories don't go anywhere, her desk is a m...

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