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110 Results
Robert B. Parker's payback —Lupica, Mike, author.

"In her latest thrilling adventure, PI Sunny Randall takes on two serpentine cases that converge into one deadly mystery"-- Provided by publisher.

Robert B. Parker's Payback —Lupica, Mike, author.
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"PI Sunny Randall has often relied on the help of her best friend Spike in times of need. When Spike's restaurant is taken over under a predatory loan agreement, Sunny has a chance to return the favor. She begins digging...

Hot hand —Lupica, Mike.

In the wake of his parents' separation, ten-year-old Billy seems to have continual conflicts with his father, who is also his basketball coach, but his quiet younger brother Ben, a piano prodigy, is having even more trou...

Long shot —Lupica, Mike.

Pedro, an avid basketball player, decides to run for class president, challenging a teammate who is also one of the most popular boys in school.

The missing baseball —Lupica, Mike, author.

Eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe follow clues to find Zach's missing baseball, signed by his favorite major league player, while competing in Spirit Week events at school.

Robert B. Parker's Stone's throw —Lupica, Mike, author.

"The town of Paradise receives a tragic shock when the mayor is discovered dead, his body lying in a shallow grave on a property on the lake. It's ostensibly suicide, but Jesse has his doubts ... especially because the p...

Robert B. Parker's Grudge match —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Robert B. Parker's beloved PI Sunny Randall returns on a case that blurs the line between friend and foe ... and if Sunny can't tell the difference, the consequences may be deadly"-- Provided by publisher.

The hockey rink hunt —Lupica, Mike, author.

With only days before the last game of the Stanley Cup finals in Boston, eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe are determined to find hockey star Mike Gordon's missing lucky necklace.

Robert B. Parker's fool's paradise —Lupica, Mike, author.

"When a body is discovered at the lake in Paradise, Police Chief Jesse Stone is surprised to find he recognizes the murder victim--the man had been at the same AA meeting as Jesse the evening before. But otherwise, Jesse...

Robert B. Parker's blood feud —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Robert B. Parker's iconic and irresistible PI Sunny Randall is back, and the stakes are higher than ever as she races to protect her ex-husband--and his Mafia family--from the vengeful plan of a mysterious rival. Sunny ...

Robert B. Parker's Fool's paradise —Lupica, Mike, author.
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"When a body is discovered at the lake in Paradise, Police Chief Jesse Stone is surprised to find he recognizes the murder victim--the man had been at the same AA meeting as Jesse the evening before. But otherwise, Jesse...

Robert B. Parker's Grudge match —Lupica, Mike.
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When Sunny's long-time gangster associate Tony Marcus comes to her for help, Sunny is surprised--after all, she double crossed him on a recent deal, and their relationship is on shakier ground than ever. But the way Tony...

The half-court hero —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Someone is secretly renovating the basketball court at the local park, and Zach and Zoe are determined to find out who"-- Provided by publisher.

No slam dunk —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Wes's father always told him that there was only one ball in basketball. That you had to know when to take it yourself and when to give it up, that finding the right balance was key. But as the season kicks off, Wes f...

True legend —Lupica, Mike.

Fifteen-year-old Drew "True" Robinson loves being the best point-guard prospect in high school basketball, but learns the consequences of fame through a former player, as well as through the man who expects to be his man...

Play makers —Lupica, Mike.

Still living large off their incredible football championship win just weeks before, Ben McBain and his crew must now prepare for basketball season. Ben is known as the best point guard throughout the league. And now tha...

Point guard —Lupica, Mike, author.

"It's basketball season for the home team but Gus must wrestle with prejudice when he's the only one bothered by Cassie joining the boys' team and his teammate Steve makes fun of Gus's Dominican heritage"-- Provided by p...

Shoot out —Lupica, Mike.
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Twelve-year-old Jake must leave his championship soccer team to play on a team with a losing record when his family moves to a neighboring town.

Robert B. Parker's Payback —Parker, Robert B.
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PI Sunny Randall has often relied on her best friend, Spike, in times of need. Now their roles are reversed. His 20-year old niece, a junior at Taft University, has committed suicide, and Spike wants to know why. The sea...

Summer ball —Lupica, Mike.

Thirteen-year-old Danny must prove himself all over again for a disapproving coach and against new rivals at a summer basketball camp.

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