13 Results
13 Results
The invisible boy —Ludwig, Trudy.

Brian has always felt invisible at school, but when a new student, Justin, arrives, everything changes.

The power of one : every act of kindness counts —Ludwig, Trudy, author.

"When one child reaches out in friendship to a classmate who seems lonely, she begins a chain reaction of kindness that ripples throughout her school and her community"-- Provided by publisher. Includes facts about shari...

Just kidding —Ludwig, Trudy.

With help from his father, older brother, and teacher, D.J. learns how to handle a classmate who claims that his mean-spirited "teasing" is just a joke.

Sorry! —Ludwig, Trudy.

When Jack makes friends with Charlie, a trouble-maker, he learns the difference between an insincere apology and showing that you are truly sorry. Includes information for parents.

Quiet please, Owen McPhee! —Ludwig, Trudy, author.

"A nonstop talker learns about the power of listening when he comes down with a case of laryngitis"-- Provided by publisher.

My secret bully —Ludwig, Trudy.

A girl confides to her mother that her best friend is treating her badly, and together they figure out what to do about it. Includes a note to parents and teachers, as well as related resources.

Trouble talk —Ludwig, Trudy.

Maya gets help from a school counselor when the new student she has tried to befriend upsets her, as she has other students, by spreading rumors, saying hurtful things, and sharing information that is not hers to share.

Confessions of a former bully —Ludwig, Trudy.

Nine-year-old Katie's punishment for bullying classmates includes making up for the hurt she has caused, and so she decides to write a book about bullying, why it is not okay, and how to start being a better friend.

Brave every day —Ludwig, Trudy, author.

Camila is filled with worry and fear, but when she hides during a class field trip to the aquarium, she finds a classmate who is also afraid and needs a friend.

Better than you —Ludwig, Trudy.

Tyler's friend Jake continually boasts about his abilities, making Tyler feel bad about himself until his Uncle Kevin and new neighbor Niko help him see that Jake is the one with the problem.

Der unsichtbare Junge —Ludwig, Trudy

"Das ist Ben, der unsichtbare Junge. Niemand scheint ihn zu bemerken, mit ihm zu spielen oder ihn zu Geburtstagen einzuladen. Doch dann kommt ein neues Kind in die Klasse. Als der neue Junge Yoshi in die Klasse kommt, is...

Better Than You —Ludwig, Trudy.

Jake's bragging is really starting to get to his neighbor Tyler. Tyler can't show Jake a basketball move, a school assignment, or a new toy without Jake saying he can do better. Tyler starts to wonder:  Is something wron...