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Innocent as sin —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Despairing of finding the mysterious figure responsible for the murder of his identical twin, Rand McCree assists a rich socialite with an art exhibition that has inadvertently entangled her in a money laundering operati...

Perfect touch —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944- author.

"An art dealer and owner of her own design studio, Perfect Touch, Sara has worked too hard getting out of the country she once called home to want to return for more than a brief visit--even for someone as enticing as he...

Always time to die —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Carly is hired to research the family history of a candidate running for Senator of New Mexico, and learns that the evil she uncovers threatens her own life.

Beautiful sacrifice —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

A dedicated female archaeologist and a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer must recover priceless South American artifacts that could bring deadly chaos into the world.

Blue smoke and murder —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Protecting a river guide with ties to the art world, private information collector and reluctant bodyguard Zach Balfour realizes his charge is in more danger than previously known, a situation that pits them against the ...

Eden burning —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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When two wounded souls meet, passion erupts--an overwhelming attraction that will lead them to paradise ... or burn them both for good.

The wrong hostage —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Joe Faroe, a retired kidnap specialist for a non-governmental security firm, is brought back into his former line of work by a woman judge from his past when her son is kidnapped.

The color of death —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Katherine Jessica Chandler, an up-and-coming jewel cutter has been commissioned to cut the Seven Sins--seven extraordinarily rare sapphires worth millions--a job that will make her professional reputation. Kate asks her ...

Running scared —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Rarities Unlimited, an exclusive appraisal house in Las Vegas, is once again the setting for intrigue, passion and danger.

Autumn lover —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Returning to her Wyoming ranch at the Civil War's end, Elyssa Sutton finds it picked bare by scavengers and coveted by determined men. Yet she vows never agin to abandon her Ruby Mountain home, though it means enlisting...

Die in plain sight —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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When her grandfather dies leaving her hundreds of his paintings, art buyer Lacey Quinn senses a bonanza. But her research into his art and life reveals a dark secret: the paintings are a message from the grave, voices of...

Love song for a raven —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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In Elizabeth Lowell's Love Song for a Raven loner Carlson Raven and is stranded on a deserted island with beautiful Janna Moran and finds himself succumbing to passion and the promise of newfound love, and in Leanne Bank...

Moving target —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Serena inherits a rare collection of manuscript pages, but a collector wants them kept a secret. Erik North is hired to find the truth and the investigation draws them into a chase for a murderer across the California de...

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