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42 Results
Tough cookie —Louise, Kate.

This gingerbread man was baked without ginger, and without ginger he does not feel like he is really a gingerbread man at all, so he causes all kinds of mischief in the bakery until the baker teaches him that his ingredi...

Still life a Three Pines mystery

The village of Three Pines, a refuge from the modern world in the beautiful Eastern Townships, basks in the tranquil glory of its autumn colours. But the blazing woods conceal the body of a much-loved teacher - shot thro...

Back of the net

After hopping on a bus to Harold Soccer Academy instead of Harold Academy Australian Semester at Sea, science fanatic Cory Bailey has no choice but to complete a semester at the soccer academy. It's not long until Cory e...

The witch
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"New England, 1630: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the fam...

Spell on wheels —Leth, Kate, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 5

"Three young witches head out on an east coast road trip to retrieve their stolen belongings and track down the mysterious thief before he can do any damage to--or with--their possessions."-- Provided by publisher.

Piece of cake —Forster, Kate (Kate Louise)

Lola is set for the adventure of a lifetime. Much as she loves living above her dad's bustling cafe, she's got some serious baggage to deal with, and she can only do that in London. But when her dad is in a car accident ...

Mysticons. Volume 2 —Leth, Kate, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 2 of 3

"Arkayna, Zarya, Em, and Piper - unexpected heroes who together become epic warriors - are drawn together by a prophecy to battle evil. In an effort to convince Em to have some fun and get out of the house, the Mysticons...

Romance & cigarettes

When Kitty discovers Nick is having an affair with the sultry seductress Tula, their rocky relationship gets a whole lot rockier. Nick finds himself facing a full-scale revolt from his daughters at home, and Kitty enlist...

Spell on wheels. Just to get to you —Leth, Kate, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 1 of 1

"The trio of Witches from Spell on Wheels return in this follow up cross-country series! Andy, Claire, and Jolene, a coven of three, find themselves back on the road. This time, they're traveling across the American Sout...

Beauty and the beat —Forster, Kate (Kate Louise)

"Mia knows what she wants in life. She ws born to perform, and she doesn't need anyone's help to succeed. So when she's paired with the new guy for her final music assessment, she is beyond frustrated. Rob is rude, disre...

Twice upon a time —Forster, Kate (Kate Louise), author.

Ludo introduces Cinda to the heady world of the super-rich, taking her to parties on yachts and villas all over Europe. Sparks start to fly as Ludo and Cinda spend more and more time together, and even cautious Cinda won...

Birds of prey —Petty, Kate.

Describes birds, such as eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, and owls, that hunt and kill other birds and animals for their food.

Mysticons. Volume 1 —Leth, Kate, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 7 of 7

"Arkayna, Zarya, Emerald, and Piper--unexpected heroes who together become epic warriors as well as the closest of friends--are drawn together by a prophecy to battle evil and protect the realm!"-- Provided by publisher....

Head over high heels —Forster, Kate (Kate Louise)

When Lyssa is scouted by a modelling agency, she's more surprised than anyone. She's a gangly girl from a migrant family, with out-of-control hair and the wrong postcode. She's not even interested in a modelling career. ...

Unlucky break —Forster, Kate (Kate Louise)

Andie Powers has a one-way ticket to LA - the glamorous world of Hollywood, movie stars, palm trees and endless summer. She's desperate for a break after her mother's battle with cancer and her boyfriend's pathetic betra...

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