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119 Results
Harry's hiccups —Little, Jean, 1932-2020 author.

"Poor Harry can't get rid of his hiccups in this charming picture book written by Jean Little."-- Provided by publisher.

Brothers far from home : the World War I diary of Eliza Bates —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

In 1916, in Uxbridge, Ontario, twelve-year-old Eliza, a Presbyterian minister's daughter, chronicles her family's experiences after her two brothers leave for Europe to fight in the war.

The sweetest one of all —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Each barnyard animal hopes for a baby of their own and after they have one they tell their offspring how special they are.

Somebody else's summer —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Two girls on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto to stay with people they've never met before decide to switch identities for the summer.

Spring begins in March —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Meg, the youngest in the Copeland family, always feels out of place. She bickers with her sister, is considered too rowdy and gets into trouble without meaning to, and is struggling in school. And when her grandmother co...

Emma's strange pet —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Emma is allergic to animals with fur, but because she and her adopted brother really want a pet, they decide to try a lizard.

On a snowy night —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Brandon is growing up, and his pet rabbit Rosa is feeling neglected. Then, on Christmas Eve, he takes her out to play in the snow, only to be called away. Rosa is left to have a special adventure on her own, and is helpe...

Stand in the wind —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Two sets of sisters learn about family relationships during a vacation they share at a beach cottage.

Emma's magic winter —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

With the help of her new friend who has magic boots just like her own, Emma overcomes her shyness and no longer hates reading out loud in school.

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