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Romancing Nadine —Lillard, Amy, author.

"Wife, widow, mother, and grandmother--sixty-something Nadine Burkhart is everything a sensible Amish woman is supposed to be. She's moved to Wells Landing to give her daughter and granddaughter a fresh start--not hersel...

A Love for Leah —Lillard, Amy, author.

Independent-minded Leah Gingerich has always been outspoken. And even though she is now a progressive Mennonite, she's rediscovering the joys of family traditions back in her Amish hometown. Yet she can't help but clash ...

Loving Jenna —Lillard, Amy, author.
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"Jenna Burkhart is tired of being "special" and hearing about what she can't do. Even though she suffered a head injury in a childhood swimming accident, she wants a life of her own just like any Amish woman. But now tha...

Murder between the pages —Lillard, Amy, author.

"It was only a few months ago that the ladies of Arlo's Friday Night Book Club - Fern, Camille, and Helen - solved the murder of the renowned author, Wally Harrison. So when they select Wally's bestseller, Missing Girl, ...

Lorie's heart —Lillard, Amy, author.

"Welcome back to Wells Landing, Oklahoma, the tranquil Amish community where still waters run deep and a brave young woman sets out to discover her faith, her family, and herself. . . Lorie Kauffman is grief-stricken whe...

A home for Hannah —Lillard, Amy, author.

Fifteen years. That's how long it's been since Hannah McLean set foot in the Amish community where she was raised. Through it all her heart has never forgotten Pontotoc--or Aaron Zook, her first love. Now widowed, and le...

A family for Gracie —Lillard, Amy, author.

Gracie Glick is known for being a helper, but now that she longs for a family of her own, she needs to help herself. Since there's few eligible men in her small Amish community, Gracie proposes to Matthew Byler, without ...

Kappy King and the pie kaper —Lillard, Amy.
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When an "accident" puts beloved bishop's wife Alma Miller in a coma, many in Blue Sky are quick to blame struggling widow Frannie Lehman. Both women are the best bakers around, but for years Alma's boysenberry pies have ...

Twin Peaks a limited event series

One of the most groundbreaking and influential television series of all time. It picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town were stunned when their homecoming queen was murdered.

Amish brides

"Three brides prepare for their weddings according to uniquely Amish traditions in three novella"-- Provided by publisher.

Amish brides
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"Three brides prepare for their weddings according to uniquely Amish traditions in three novella"--$cProvided by publisher.

Kappy King and the pickle kaper Amish mystery. Book 2 —Lillard, Amy, author.
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At first, young Sally June Esh's tragic death doesn't look like murder. Even in peaceful Blue Sky, collisions between buggies and Englisch cars aren't unheard of. Still, the Eshes are skilled drivers used to delivering t...

Titus returns —Lillard, Amy.

When the man responsible for her brother's death arrives on her family's farm, which has fallen into disrepair, Abbie King resents his appearance, but desperately needs his help and finds herself falling in love with thi...

Can't judge a book by its murder —Lillard, Amy, author.

"As Sugar Springs gears up for its all-class high school reunion, Mississippi bookstore owner Arlo Stanley prepares to launch her largest event: a book-signing with the town's legendary alum and bestselling author, Wally...

A Wells Landing Christmas —Lillard, Amy, author.

Families rejoicing together, caroling parties full of cheer, and church get-togethers brimming with delicious cooking and warm fellowship. Ivy Weaver would give anything to be a part of Christmas in Wells Landing. But on...

Trouble with the curve

Gus Lobel has been one of the best scouts in baseball for decades, but, despite his efforts to hide it, age is starting to catch up with him. Nevertheless, Gus-who can tell a pitch just by the crack of the bat-refuses to...

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