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53 Results
Death of a gigolo —Levine, Laura, 1943- author.

"Freelance writer Jaine Austen's life is suddenly full of romance. For one thing, she's reconnected with her ex--though her cat, Prozac, isn't happy about it. And Jaine's also got a new ghostwriting gig, working on a ste...

Death by pantyhose —Levine, Laura, 1943-

Agreeing to write jokes for Dorcas, a struggling stand-up comic, Jaine Austen discovers that murder is the punchline when Dorcas's rival, a heckler named Vic, is strangled with one of her props--a pair of pantyhose.

Pampered to death —Levine, Laura, 1943-
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When Jaine's friend Lance surprises her with a trip to The Haven, an uber-luxe health spa on the California coast, she and her feline pal Prozac are eager to hit the road and bask in a week of pampering and pedicures. Bu...

Death by tiara —Levine, Laura, 1943-
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"When she is hired to write lyrics for a contestant in the talent competition for the Miss Teen Queen America pageant, freelance writer Jaine Austen is plunged into a glittering nightmare of vicious stage moms, exacting ...

Christmas sweets —Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.

"Gathered in one volume for the very first time, here are three yuletide tales of mystery, murder, and romance, featuring your favorite sleuths ... THE TWELVE DESSERTS OF CHRISTMAS by JOANNE FLUKE: It's the perfect mix o...

Death of a trophy wife —Levine, Laura, 1943-
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When Marv Cooper's trophy wife Bunny is murdered during a lavish party, Jaine's friend Lance becomes the prime suspect. But Jaine knows he just couldn't have done it and sets out to find the real killer.

Death of a neighborhood witch —Levine, Laura, 1943-

When Cryptessa Muldoon, a Hollywood has-been who spends her days making enemies with everyone on the street, is found murdered on Halloween night, Jaine Austen, to prove her own innocence, must unmask a killer among a ne...

Killing Bridezilla —Levine, Laura, 1943-

Hired by her high school nemesis, Patti, to rewrite the ending of "Romeo and Juliet" for her wedding, Jaine Austen gets more than she had bargained for when Patti falls to her death from the balcony just before her big s...

Christmas sweets
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Twelve desserts of Christmas: It's the perfect mix of naughty and nice when two lovestruck boarding school teachers watch six kids over Christmas break. But when someone wants the cozy couple's romance to burn out faste...

Gingerbread cookie murder —Fluke, Joanne, 1943-

Hannah Swensen of the Cookie Jar in Lake Eden, Minn., discovers her neighbor's head bashed in; Jaine Austen's holiday stay at her parents' home in the Tampa Vistas retirement community is enlivened by the murder of elder...

Death of a neighborhood Scrooge —Levine, Laura, author.

When the neighborhood Scrooge, former child star Scotty Parker, is murdered, freelance writer Jaine Austen, who was helping him stage a comeback, finds herself on the list of suspects and must find the real killer.

Killing Cupid a Jaine Austen mystery —Levine, Laura, 1943- author.
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"When Jaine lands a job writing web copy and brochures for matchmaker Joy Amoroso, she's excited for a chance to help the lovelorn just in time for Valentine's Day--until she realizes what 'Dates of Joy' is really all ab...

Death of a neighborhood Scrooge —Levine, Laura, 1943- author.

Scotty Parker is a former child star who once played Tiny Tim, but now he’s grown up into the role of neighborhood Scrooge. He cuts the wires on his neighbors’ Christmas lights and tells local kids that Santa had a strok...

Death of a bachelorette —Levine, Laura, 1943- author.

Jaine's life has been a royal pain since she started penning dialogue for Some Day My Prince Will Come - a cheesy dating show that features bachelorettes competing for the heart of Spencer Dalworth VII, a very distant he...

Killing Cupid —Levine, Laura, 1943- author.

When her abusive professional-matchmaker boss ends up dead, Jaine Austen is on the long list of suspects.

Killer cruise —Levine, Laura, 1943-
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Wordsmith Jaine Austen's ship has finally come in. Her new teaching job on a fancy cruise line nabs her a free vacation -- and access to a 24-hour buffet! But sooner than you can say "bon voyage," Jaine's all-expenses-pa...

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