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43 Results
Mapping Penny's world —Leedy, Loreen.

After learning about maps in school, Lisa maps all the favorite places of her dog Penny.

Measuring Penny —Leedy, Loreen.

Lisa learns about the mathematics of measuring by measuring her dog Penny with all sorts of units, including pounds, inches, dog biscuits, and cotton swabs.

Subtraction action —Leedy, Loreen.

Introduces subtraction through the activities of animal students at a school fair. Includes problems for the reader to solve.

Look at my book : how kids can write & illustrate terrific books —Leedy, Loreen.

Provides ideas and simple directions for writing, illustrating, designing, and binding books.

Mission--addition —Leedy, Loreen.

Miss Prime and her animal students explore addition by finding many examples in the world around them.

Crazy like a fox : a simile story —Leedy, Loreen.

In a story told entirely in similes, Rufus the fox is behaving strangely, but for a very good reason. Includes a definition of simile and suggestions for writing a simile story.

Missing math : a number mystery —Leedy, Loreen.

Everyday activities come to a halt when an animal town loses its numbers.

The shocking truth about energy —Leedy, Loreen.

Comical characters explain the basics, including the many forms energy can take. Readers can learn how energy changes from one form to another so that the Sun's energy can end up in a lunch box and eventually in people's...

Postcards from Pluto : a tour of the solar system —Leedy, Loreen.

Dr. Quasar gives a group of children a tour of the solar system,describing each of the planets from Mercury to Pluto.

Fraction action —Leedy, Loreen.

Miss Prime and her animal students explore fractions by finding many examples in the world around them.

Tracks in the sand —Leedy, Loreen.

Eggs laid in the sand by a female sea turtle hatch into tiny turtles, which eventually grow large enough to lay their own eggs.

Messages from Mars —Leedy, Loreen.

Provides facts about Mars as a group of students in the year 2106 travels to our closest neighboring planet and reports back on their findings.

The furry news : how to make a newspaper —Leedy, Loreen.

Big Bear, Rabbit, and the other animals work hard to write, edit, and print their newspaper, "The Furry News." Includes tips for making your own newspaper and defines a number of newspaper terms.

How humans make friends —Leedy, Loreen.

An elementary guide to the rules of friendship.

The dragon Halloween party —Leedy, Loreen.

The dragons prepare a Halloween party complete with costumes, decorations, and appropriate food and activities.

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