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12 Results
Bloop —Lazar, Tara, author.

Bloop, the little green alien, must conquer Earth, and his first step is figuring out who's in charge. The answer? Dogs! This adorable picture book about an alien who looks like a pug is laugh-out-loud funny - and full o...

Little Red Gliding Hood —Lazar, Tara, author.

Little Red is an excellent ice skater, but she will need a good partner for the skating pairs competition and the only one available is a certain Wolf, who needs new skates as badly as Little Red does.

The upper case : trouble in Capital City —Lazar, Tara, author.

When upper case letters disappear from Capital City, Question Mark calls on Private I to investigate.

Three ways to trap a leprechaun —Lazar, Tara, author.

"Leprechauns are magical, mischievous, miniature marvels, and Claire is determined to catch one and prove once and for all that leprechauns are real! Will Finn the leprechaun be caught or, or will he keep giving her the ...

7 ate 9 : the untold story —Lazar, Tara, author.

When 7 is accused of eating 9, worried 6 hires a detective to investigate.

I thought this was a bear book —Lazar, Tara, author.

Prince Zilch from Planet Zero crash lands in the Three Bears story, and it is up to baby bear to figure out a way to get him back to his own book.

Normal Norman —Lazar, Tara, author.
Two Dimensional Nonprojected Graphic
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Absurd words : a kids' fun and hilarious vocabulary builder for future word nerds —Lazar, Tara, author.

"This revolutionary dictionary-thesaurus hybrid puts more than 750 high-level, wondrous, and wacky words in fun, engaging, and hilarious context"-- Provided by publisher.

Way past bedtime —Lazar, Tara, author.

Little Joseph stays up way past bedtime and turns into a super-sleuth as he tries to solve the mystery of what happens after all the lights go out, imagining missed opportunities for fun ranging from big parties and hot-...

7 Ate 9 : The Untold Story —Lazar, Tara, author.

When 7 is accused of eating 9, worried 6 hires a detective to investigate.

Little red gliding hood —Lazar, Tara, author

Little Red Riding Hood straps on ice skates in this fractured fairy tale! A figure-skating enthusiast, Little Red has worn out her skates and must win a pairs competition to earn new ones. But who will be her partner? Th...