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23 Results
Look inside the jungle —Lacey, Minna, author.

Get ready to swing through the treetops, creep along the forest floor and meet some of the most exotic animals on earth. Children can take a virtual tour through the world's jungles in this detailed lift-the-flap non-fic...

The Usborne big book of big machines —Lacey, Minna, author.

With big fold-out pages of bright illustrations, this book presents information on some of the biggest and most powerful machines ever made--from a bucket wheel excavator to a container ship with stacks of containers of ...

100 things to know about history —Cowan, Laura, author.

What was the 'Flute of Shame'? Which two US Presidents were arrested for reckless riding? Why would an African king be afraid of a parrot's egg? Find the answers these questions, along with loads of other curious, amazin...

The story of the Olympics —Lacey, Minna.

Intended for children whose reading ability is beginning to grow, this illustrated title offers a look at the story of the Olympic Games, from its foundations in Ancient Greece to the global spectacles seen by modern aud...

Usborne look inside nature —Lacey, Minna, author.

"An inspiring book that explores the wonders of nature, with gorgeous illustrations and ingenious flaps. Look up in the trees, behind the reeds or under the ground to see what's living there, and discover how plants grow...

Big book of big sea creatures —Lacey, Minna.

This book includes huge sharks, whales, squid and lots of fish with key facts about each creature.

100 things to know about the human body

An eye-catching information book filled with one hundred interesting facts to learn about the human body.

100 things to know about science —Frith, Alex, author.

Science is a huge topic, but this friendly book breaks it down into bite-sized chunks, making it an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out about this fascinating subject. Highly illustrated, in a pictor...

See inside maths —Frith, Alex.

Introduces mathematical concepts in the simplest of terms from basic addition and subtraction, through multiplication and division to square roots and algebra.

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