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16 Results
The croc takes the cake —La Rose, Melinda.

Jake, Izzy, anb Cubby make Captain Hook a birthday cake for his birthday.

Disney Junior storybook collection.

Explore Enchancia with Sofia the First, and sail the Never Sea with Jake and his crew. Help Doc diagnose her toy patients; hang out at the Clubhouse with Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the gang; and have a roarsome time...

Jake and the spyglass —La Rose, Melinda.

Every pirate knows that his spyglass is almost as important as his sword. So when Captain Hook loses his spyglass, he decides to borrow Jake's{u2014}forever! Danger lurks around every corner as Jake and his crew try to ...

Jake hatches a plan —La Rose, Melinda.

Jake and his crew are heading to Never Peak Mountain to see the Neverbird{u2019}s egg hatch! Thinking that Jake must be after treasure, Hook and Smee ?hatch a plan? and nab the egg. Will Jake be able to get the egg back ...

Let's get jumping! —La Rose, Melinda.

When a big box washes ashore full of pogo sticks, Jake and his crew have a great time bouncing all around Never Land! Of course, Hook decides he simply must have the bouncy things and steals them. Who knows if Jake and h...

Birthday bash! —La Rose, Melinda, author.

It's Jake's birthday! To celebrate this special day, Jake's crew has created a special treasure map for him that will lead to fun birthday activities. Like a true Never Land pirate, Jake decides to invite that sneaky sno...

Follow that sound —La Rose, Melinda.

Cubby has plans to play the harmonica at Marina the Mermaid{u2019}s big party tonight. But that sneaky snook Captain Hook has other ideas! Will Cubby be able to strike all the right cords, or will Jake make sure that Hoo...

Save me, Smee! —La Rose, Melinda.

After Captain Hook finds a treasure map that leads him to the most perilous places in Never Land, Jake and the rest of the pirates have to help save him from himself.

Winter Never Land —La Rose, Melinda, author.

Captain Hook steals the Forever-Green Tree from Jake and the crew on Winter Treasure Day.