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46 Results
Leo the late bloomer —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Leo, a young tiger, finally blooms under the anxious eyes of his parents.

Whose mouse are you? —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

A lonely little mouse has to be resourceful in order to bring his family back together.

Milton the early riser —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

The first one to awaken, Milton the Panda tries to wake all the other animals, but to no avail.

How spider saved Easter —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Although he doesn't usually celebrate Easter, Spider has some pleasant adventures with Ladybug and Fly.

Come out and play, little mouse —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Big Brother saves Little Mouse from a cat's treacherous invitation to come out and play.

Little Louie the baby bloomer —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Leo the tiger worries and wonders why his little brother can't do anything right, but his parents encourage Leo to be patient.

Herman the helper —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Herman the helpful octopus is always willing to assist anyone who needs his help--old or young, friend or enemy.

Where are you going, little mouse? —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001.

A little mouse runs away from home to find a "nicer" family, but when darkness comes, he misses them and realizes how much he loves them.

Mouse in love —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Mouse searches high and low for his true love, only to find her right next door.

Big Squeak, Little Squeak —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Two mice have a dangerous encounter when they venture into a cheese shop run by Mr. Kit Kat.

Leo the late bloomer —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Leo, a young tiger, finally blooms under the anxious eyes of his parents.

Owliver —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001.

Although each of Owliver's parents has ideas for what he should do when he grows up and they expose him to lessons and experiences of various kinds, Owliver makes his own decision about what he is going to be.

How spider saved Halloween. —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Fly and Ladybug's squashed Jack-o-lantern helps Spider think of a costume that saves Halloween from disaster.

Musical Max —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

The peace and quiet following Max's decision to put his instruments away drives the neighbors just as crazy as his constant practicing did.

Jack O'Lantern's Scary Halloween —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

A Golden Super Shape Book - in the shape of a jack-o-lantern.

Boris bad enough —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Boris' mother and father take him to a psychiatrist when his behavior goes from bad to worse. The psychiatrist's words are brief but effective.

Wise old owl's Halloween adventure —Kraus, Robert, 1925-2001

Wise Old Owl, who plans to spend Halloween writing his mystery story, finds himself involved in a real mystery when his typewriter disappears.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly and more stories that sing.

Animated versions of five children's books, told with music.

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