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39 Results
The dragonling —Koller, Jackie French, author.

Finding a baby dragon accidentally left alive after his older brother's dragonquest, Darek risks death and the anger of his people in trying to return it to the Valley of the Dragons.

Dragon trouble —Koller, Jackie French, author.

After Darek escapes from Krad, he can't remember anything about it, but with the help of his dragon friend Zantor, he realizes that his father is in terrible danger there and that he must return.

Dragons of Krad —Koller, Jackie French.

When Darek and Rowena sneak into Krad to rescue their friends, Zantor and Pola, they find that Krad is more dangerous than they'd feared.

Dragons and kings —Koller, Jackie French, author.

"Darek and his beloved dragonling, Zantor, return triumphant to their village from the Mountains of Krad. But when they arrive, they learn things have taken a turn for the worse and their village is now ruled by a ruthle...

A dragon in the family —Koller, Jackie French, author.

Darek must prove to his neighbors that the baby dragon he rescued is not a threat to their community.

Peter spit a seed at Sue —Koller, Jackie French.

One hot summer day, four bored children start a watermelon seed-spitting battle that soon spreads throughout their town.

Dragon quest —Koller, Jackie French, author.

"Now that the villagers have finally accepted Darek's dragonling, Zantor, they've all fallen in love with him. Especially Rowena, the spoiled daughter of the Chief Elder--so much so that she wants the dragonling for her ...

Horace the Horrible : a knight meets his match —Koller, Jackie French.

The fearsome knight Horace tries to prove to his niece that he is as good as his brother, the King, while all she really wants is someone to help her stop missing her father.

No such thing —Koller, Jackie French, author.

Howard and the monster under his bed decide on a plan to convince their mothers that both of them have reason to be afraid after dark.

Baby for sale —Koller, Jackie French.

When Peter feels he cannot put up with his baby sister Emily any longer, he puts her in his wagon and goes around the block to see if any of the neighbors want to buy her.

One monkey too many —Koller, Jackie French.

Adventurous monkeys have a series of mishaps and escapades involving a bike, a canoe, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Seven spunky monkeys —Koller, Jackie French.

One by one, seven monkeys who go out to have a good time wind up falling in love over the course of a week.

Bouncing on the bed —Koller, Jackie French.

A child describes the bouncing, sliding, wiggling, running, splashing, reading, snuggling, and more that fills the day from sun up to bedtime.

Nickommoh! : a Thanksgiving celebration —Koller, Jackie French.

Describes a typical Narragansett Nickommoh, or harvest celebration, as it has been performed since before the arrival of the first Pilgrims in New England.

The wizard's apprenctice —Koller, Jackie French.

Although she has completed the Quest to become next Imperial Wizard, Arenelle's father forbids her from accepting the role when he discovers he has a long lost son.

The promise —Koller, Jackie French.

When his Labrador retriever survives a bear-mauling on Christmas Eve, Matt is convinced that her recovery is a miracle sent by his mother from heaven.

Fish fry tonight —Koller, Jackie French.

A cumulative tale in which a small mouse catches a fish and brings home a large group of friends to help her eat it.

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