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Saskatchewan —Kissock, Heather, author.

The 'O Canada' series invites readers on a journey across Canada, exploring the symbols, geography, economy, history, and cultural groups of each province and territory. Interesting facts and stunning visuals help bring ...

The war in Afghanistan : 2001-present —Baldwin, Patricia, 1946-

Canada's role in the war in Afghanistan was multifaceted. As well as being battle participants, Canada contributed toward reconstruction and humanitarian efforts in the country. The War in Afghanistan recounts Canada's i...

People of the North —Kissock, Heather.

Describes Canada's Arctic region, how people first arrived to live in this area, and the Aboriginal Peoples who still make their home in this harsh climate.

Saskatchewan —Kissock, Heather.

Provides information on Saskatchewan with a focus on its geography, animals, flowers, trees, resources, history, art and culture, points of interest, sports and activities, and what people say about the province.

Seasons —Aspen-Baxter, Linda.

A year is made up of four seasons - winter, spring, summer and fall. These seasons come in the same order every year. These interesting facts about this topic can be discovered in Seasons, a Looking at the Sky book.

Planets —Aspen-Baxter, Linda.

"There is life on Earth. There is no life on other planets in our solar system. Each planet turns like a top, one day is one turn. These and other interesting facts about this topic can be discovered in Planets, a Lookin...

The shuttle : exploring space —Baker, David, 1944-

What are humans doing to explore the "final frontier? The Exploring Space series delves into the technology we use to explore the universe and beyond. From the International Space Station to the Space Shuttle, human inge...

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