9 Results
9 Results
Tornado alley —Kennedy, Marlane.

Although Wyatt is not happy that he has to entertain his visiting cousin, he soon has much bigger problems to worry about when two tornadoes strike the area.

Volcano blast —Kennedy, Marlane, author.

Noah and Emma Burton have traded the sand and surf of their Hawaiian home for a chilly stay in Alaska, and Noah isn't happy about it. His father may be a volcano expert, but why did they have to travel to the coldest, gr...

Lucky dog : twelve tales of rescued dogs

A collection of stories about the Pawley Rescue Center, where rescued dogs find their way into hearts and homes.

The dog days of Charlotte Hayes —Kennedy, Marlane.

Eleven-year-old Charlotte is not a dog person but does not like that the rest of her family neglects their Saint Bernard puppy, and so with a lot of determination and a little sneakiness, she works on finding a good home...

Peril at pier nine —Draper, Penny, 1957-

A magnificent ship is moored in trouble at Pier Nine in Toronto Harbour with over 500 passengers. 14-year-old sailor Jack Gordon has to do everything to help those people.

Graveyard of the sea —Draper, Penny, 1957-

Nell lives in a lighthouse on Canada's west coast. She learns Morse Code, which allows her to send her first SOS when the Valencia gets in trouble on the rocks below, but when the telegraph lines are down and her father ...

Me and the pumpkin queen —Kennedy, Marlane.

Although Aunt Arlene tries to interest her in clothing and growing up, ten-year-old Mildred is entirely focused on growing a pumpkin big enough to win the annual Circleville, Ohio, contest, as her mother dreamed of doing...