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Sink or swim —Katschke, Judy, author.

Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a trip to Hawaii, where the Magic School Bus provides them with individual submarines, and they learn about fish schools and the behavior of undersea animals--and try to avoid being eaten b...

Bonnie's first day of school —Katschke, Judy, author.

Bonnie takes Forky to her first day of kindergarten and Forky does his best to make sure Bonnie has a great day.

Mulan's story —Katschke, Judy, author.

Princess Mulan shares the incredible tale of how she risked her life for her father and bravely fought to save the Chinese empire in this full-color storybook based on Disney Mulan.

Monster power —Katschke, Judy, author.

Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a camping trip, but Arnold is worried about monsters, and sets out to create a "Monster Scaring Perimeter" powered by a generator to keep the lights on--and in the process the class learns ...

Carlos gets the sneezes —Katschke, Judy, author.

"In this addition to our Magic School Bus Rides Again Branches Series, the class travels inside Carlos' nose after he develops a mysterious illness."-- Provided by publisher.

Willa's butterfly ballet —Katschke, Judy, author.

There are some new butterflies in the garden! The WellieWishers make special wings and prepare a dance for them. But Willa's wings get muddy and broken. How will she welcome the butterflies now?

Island of youth —Katschke, Judy, author.

While keeping her cousin Esteban distracted to prepare for his surprise birthday party, Elena takes him sailing to a mysterious island where they discover the famed fountain of youth.

Dragon Mountain adventure —Katschke, Judy.

When Hiccup is kidnapped by a mysterious dragon rider, he discovers the fate of his mother, Valka, and how the dragons of Berk needed to be rescued from the evil plot of Drago, the terrible dragon thief.

A forever friend —Katschke, Judy, author.

Misty Inn is up and running, and the Dunlaps have a full house. Willa is thrilled that Kate, her best friend from Chicago, is going to come to Chincoteague for a visit. But it's been a whole year since they've seen each ...

Counting sheep —Katschke, Judy, author.

Bingo and Rolly are the cutest pug puppies around! Retells an episode of the new Disney Junior show Puppy Dog Pals, in which the dogs bring a flock of sheep home so Bob can count them when he has trouble falling asleep.

All about the dragons —Katschke, Judy, author.

Hiccup meets so many different kinds of dragons in How to Train Your Dragon 2. There are dragons that fly, dragons that swim, dragons that breathe fire, and more--and you can learn about them all in this Ready-to-Read st...

Pony swim —Katschke, Judy, author.

Busily preparing for an annual pony swim event, the Dunlaps learn that a famous travel writer will be attending who could attract valuable tourism to Misty Inn and their island home.

Take a hike, Snoopy! —Katschke, Judy.

The world famous Beagle Scout takes his eager bird troops on a camping and hiking trip that turns out to be very different from what Snoopy planned.

Johnny Tractor and the big surprise —Katschke, Judy.

It's spring on the farm and it's time to plant the sunflowers, but the seeds are missing. Johnny Tractor and Allie Gator look in the filed, the meadow, and the barn. The seeds are nowhere to be found. But they do find a ...

Teacher's pet —Katschke, Judy, author.

Planning to make her father's famous raspberry torte for a back-to-school project, Willa is dismayed when her plans are upended by a poor raspberry crop, forcing her to scramble for an alternate idea.A back-to-school ass...

Go to school, Charlie Brown! —Katschke, Judy.

At the end of the summer Charlie Brown convinces his sister that starting school will be fun.

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