4 Results
4 Results
Pokémon. Psyduck ducks out —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

Get the inside scoop on Misty and Psyduck from their first hypnotic encounter to their biggest battles ever.

All fired up —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

"Ash is happy to meet some brand-new Pokmon like Gligar and Cyndaquil. But he has a difficult choice to make. Is Charizard, his strongest Pokmon, really better off without him?"

Battle for the Zephyr badge —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

"Trouble seems to be following Ash and his team around! A Quagsire takes the GS Ball. A young boy at a Poḱémon Trainer school tries to catch Pikachu. And Team Rocket is up to their usual troublesome tricks. How will As...

Secrets of the GS Ball —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

"Along the way, Brock catches a new Pokémon and Team Rocket messes things up again. Then Ash finally faces off for his second Johto League badge. Will he squish Bugsy's swarm of Bug-type Pokémon? Or will he suffer the ...