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23 Results
The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect escape from the Earth moments before its destruction and join forces with Zaphod Beeblebrox on board the Heart of Gold and search for the ultimate question.

Jacob Two Two meets the Hooded Fang

Six year old Jacob gets into trouble for saying things two times, and winds up in the prison run by the Hooded Fang.

Aztec fire —Jennings, Gary.

The Aztec uprising in 1810 left young Juan Martez orphaned in a savage land. Juan was sentenced to hang by the Spanish. But his life is spared when a Spanish gunmaker learns of his skills with gunpowder and buys him to m...

Gary Jennings' Aztec revenge —Jennings, Gary.

Forced to flee after killing a man who was beating a horse, Juan the Lépero, who hides his mixed heritage to escape life as a beggar, embarks on a series of adventures as a highwayman, horse thief, and wealthy caballer...

Aztec blood —Jennings, Gary.

A young half-breed beggar boy, in whose veins runs the blood of Spanish and Aztec royalty, must unravel the deadly secret behind his parentage and claim his birthright. Sequel to Aztec.

Gary Jennings' apocalypse 2012 —Gleason, Robert (Robert Herman)

Scientists must crack the End-Time Codex in order to save our world from following in the fate of Tula, a legendary golden city built by the god king Quetzalcoatl, which was destroyed a thousand years ago.

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