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75 Results
Hot planets : Mercury and Venus —Jefferis, David.

Describes the two planets closest to the sun, Mercury and Venus, including their size, what they are made of, how they formed and more.

Exploring planet Mars —Jefferis, David.

Explains the world of human space flight, and to the "red planet" Mars, future target for space explorers.

Robot warriors —Jefferis, David.

Examines how robot warriors help soldiers during war. They are run by computers operated by humans or remote controls. Shows how using robots for dangerous work can help prevent injury to humans.

The sun : [our local star] —Jefferis, David, author

Introduces the sun, its physical characteristics, and the history of human observation of the sun.

The moon : earth's neighbor —Jefferis, David, author

Describes the Earth's moon, its relation to the Earth, and the history of lunar exploration.

Mars : [distant red planet] —Jefferis, David, author

Describes the planet Mars, its physical characteristics, its moons, and the history of human exploration of the planet.

Extreme structures : mega-constructions of the 21st century —Jefferis, David.

Examines the biggest structures of past, present and future, and the technology used to build them.

Mighty megaplanets : Jupiter and Saturn —Jefferis, David.

A look at Jupiter and Saturn, the largest planets in the solar system, describing their size, what they are made of, how far away from the sun they are and more.

Ice dwarfs : Pluto and beyond —Jefferis, David.

A tour of the ice dwarfs from Pluto and beyond. Learn how amazing space really is.

Space probes : exploring beyond Earth —Jefferis, David.

Examines what space probes are and the planets and other parts of space that they have explored.

Super subs : exploring the deep sea —Jefferis, David.

Describes different types of submarine vehicles and their development, discussing their various uses for military purposes, undersea exploration, and ocean research.

Micro machines : ultra-small world of nanotechnology —Jefferis, David.

An introduction to the field of nanotechnology.

Gas giants : huge far off worlds —Jefferis, David.

Describes two of the largest gas giants, Uranus and Neptune, including how big they are, what they are made of, how far away from the sun they are, and more.

Flight : fliers, and flying machines —Jefferis, David.

Traces the evolution of the airplane from man's first flying machine to today's supersonic jets.

Cloning : frontiers of genetic engineering —Jefferis, David.

Discusses the science of genetics, the first successful cloning of a mammal, its implications, and its ethical aspects.

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