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41 Results
The elements book : a visual encyclopedia of the periodic table —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Profiles every element on the periodic table and describes their properties, when they were discovered, and how they are used in household materials.

The math book.

Applying the Big Ideas Simply Explained series' trademark combination of authoritative, accessible text and bold graphics to chart the development of math through history, The Math Book explores and explains subjects ran...

Ocean atlas : a journey across the waves and into the deep —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Dive into an incredible journey across the waves and into the darkest depths of the ocean! Sail the seas, then explore the ocean's zones in your submarine as you search the seabed, discover colourful coral reefs and meet...

Maze runner the Scorch trials : official graphic novel prelude
Graphic Novel
Availability: 9 of 12

"Straight from the world of 'The Maze Runner' comes an anthology of five short stories revealing the hidden history of characters from the upcoming film. Explore how the terrifying W.C.K.D. (World in Catastrophe: Killzon...

The magnificent book of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era. For each, there is a chapter with dinosaur name (e.g., Tyrannosaurus rex), brief description, geographic area where found, meaning of name (e.g., for Tyrannosaurus rex: king of the tyrant...

Pandemic —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Do you know what happens when Virus goes viral? How does Immune System fight infection when it strikes? And why do masks matter? Kids need real science information about the Covid-19 pandemic that has kept them away from...

Why everything you know is wrong! —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Get ready to find out why everthing you know is wrong and discover a bunch of weird, but true, stuff along the way.

Digital technology —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

The first computer was made of cogs and levers. How do computers work today? And how long will it be before there is a computer chip in every machine?' -- Page [4] of cover.

The human body in minutes —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

This concise, illuminating guide takes us on a comprehensive tour of our bodies, explaining how they work and why they work that way, from the basic unit of the cell, through the tissues and organs that make up the body'...

Algebra to calculus : unlocking math's amazing power —Goldsmith, Mike, 1962- author.

Think math is boring? Think again! Algebra to Calculus: Unlocking Maths Amazing Power tells the story of algebra and calculus to explore the surprising, fascinating and sometimes mind-boggling evolution of mathematics th...

Space atlas : a journey from Earth to the stars, and beyond —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

"Blast off on an incredible journey through the Universe! Touch down on every planet in our solar system, then buckle up as you swing past our nearest stars and journey beyond to distant galaxies, mysterious nebulas, and...

The periodic table : a visual guide to the elements —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Which is the densest element? Which has the largest atoms? And why are some elements radioactive? From the little-known uses of gold in medicine to the development of the hydrogen bomb, this is a fresh new look at the Pe...

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