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16 Results
The moonlit cage —Holeman, Linda, 1949-

"The story of two people as extraordinary as the Victorian age they lived through. Darya is the brutalised but courageous young wife of an Afghan tribesman. She is a cursed woman, married under false pretences, for she i...

The linnet bird —Holeman, Linda, 1949-

Born into direst poverty in Liverpool in the early 19th century, Linny Gow escapes the life of prostitution her stepfather has forced her into, learns how to be a young lady, and flees to India, where the British Raj is ...

Search of the moon king's daughter : a novel —Holeman, Linda, 1949-

"Emmaline's mother becomes a drug addict and sells her son as a chimney sweep. Will Emmaline ever find her brother? A powerful love story set in Victorian England" Cf. Our choice, 2003.

Raspberry house blues —Holeman, Linda, 1949-

Poppy's quest for her birth mother leads her to discover the real ties that bind and the true meaning of love.

The lost souls of Angelkov —Holeman, Linda, 1949- author.
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For Antonina, the wife of a wealthy Russian landowner, the world falls apart one afternoon when her husband takes her little boy, Misha, out riding, and Misha is kidnapped and her husband mortally wounded. Desperate, Ant...

The moonlit cage a novel —Holeman, Linda, 1949-

A 19th-century woman who, cursed by a jealous tribeswoman, travels to Victorian England in her desperate quest for survival.