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The royal governess : a novel of Queen Elizabeth II's childhood —Holden, Wendy, 1965- author.

"Sunday Times bestselling author Wendy Holden brings to life the unknown childhood years of one of the world's most iconic figures, Queen Elizabeth II, and reveals the little-known governess who made Britain's queen into...

Last of the Summer moët —Holden, Wendy, author.

Top reporter Laura Lake has struck journalistic gold. She's discovered a super-exclusive English village where the rich and famous own weekend retreats. Where film stars, Turner-prize winners and Cabinet ministers park t...

Three weddings and a scandal —Holden, Wendy, 1965- author.

Laura Lake longs to be a journalist. Instead she's an unpaid intern at a glossy magazine--sleeping in the fashion cupboard and living on canapés. But she's just got her first big break: infiltrate three society weddings...

The royal governess : a novel of Queen Elizabeth II's childhood —Holden, Wendy, 1965-
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In 1933, twenty-two-year-old Marion Crawford accepts the role of a lifetime, tutoring the little Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose. Her one stipulation to their parents the Duke and Duchess of York is that she bring...

Fame fatale —Holden, Wendy, 1965-

Ruthless hack Belinda wants a rich and famous man. Her problem is her job, interviewing Z list celebs for a tabloid's Tea Break slot means zero opportunity for megastar-bagging.

Marrying up —Holden, Wendy, 1965-
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Social climber Alexa may be humbly born, but she's a class-hopping cruise missile aimed at the very top of the gold-digging tree. Befriending feckless aristo Florrie means the grandest doors swing open, and soon her prin...

A View to a Kilt : A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from a Sunday Times bestseller —Holden, Wendy, 1965- author.

Forget about Cool Britannia and Gallic Chic. Scotland is having a fashion moment ... 'Effing marvellous' JILLY COOPER. 'Funny and smart' INDIA KNIGHT. 'Total bliss' DAILY MAIL . London's most glamorous glossy magazine is...

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