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Twinkle and the fairy flower garden —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle and her classmates are planting a garden, but unlike everyone else's flowers, Twinkle's are not growing--until she realizes her seeds require special encouragement.

Twinkle and the wishing wand —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle and her classmates at The Fairy School of Magic and Music are going to the library where all the fairies select their favorite story and cast a spell to make it come to life.

Twinkle flies high! —Holabird, Katharine, author.

"Twinkle can't wait for Fairy Field Day, especially the Fairy Fly Race. She practices every day with her forest friends. Soon she can fly faster and farther than she ever could before. Will Twinkle win first place?"-- Pu...

Step by step —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Angelina is excited to teach her little sister, Polly, how to dance ballet!

Twinkle's Fairy Pet Day —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle has always wanted a pet, and finally she's old enough to have one. But a little dragon is not what she had in mind! Will Twinkle be able to tame her rambunctious little dragon in time for Fairy Pet Day?

Twinkle —Holabird, Katharine, author.

"It's Twinkle's first day at The Fairy School of Magic and Music, and she can't wait to make spells like all the other fairies. But Twinkle keeps forgetting the magic words, and her spells go from bad to worse!"--Publish...

Angelina's big city ballet —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Angelina goes to the most famous city in Mouseland to perform at the Big Cheese Dance Show with her cousin Jeanie, but the two clash over whether tap or ballet is better.

Twinkle thinks pink —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle accidentally turns everything at Fairy Godmother's garden party pink, from the roses to her canary.

Twinkle and the fairy cake mess —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle's attempts to bake a cake get messier and messier until she realizes the ingredient she needs is help from her friends.

Twinkle, twinkle, sparkly star —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle practices and practices to be perfect in the school play, but her friends remind her she does not need to be perfect to shine like a star.

Angelina Ballerina dresses up —Holabird, Katharine, author.

"Angelina Ballerina loves playing dress-up as much as she loves ballet, so her grandparents help her make a dress-up box of her own!"--Back cover.

Family fun day —Holabird, Katharine, author.

"It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Angelina's dad announces it's too nice out to stay indoors, so they take a family trip to the park! At first, Angelina and her sister, Polly, have a great time riding the carousel, f...

Twinkle makes a wish —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Twinkle's plans for an extra-special birthday party seemed ruined when a storm blows through the night before, tearing down decorations and raining on her cake.

Angelina and the princess —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Angelina is too sick to dance well during the tryouts for the lead in the "Princess of Mouseland" ballet, but when the leading ballerina sprains her foot, Angelina is ready to prove she is still the best dancer of all.

Angelina Ballerina at ballet school —Holabird, Katharine, author.

When Angelina accidentally embarrasses herself in ballet class after being off for summer break, she isn't so enthusiastic about returning to ballet school, but with encouragement from family and friends, Angelina learns...

Angelina and Alice —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Angelina and her best friend Alice discover the importance of teamwork when their acrobatics are the hit of the gymnastics show at the village fair.

Angelina at the palace —Holabird, Katharine, author.

"Angelina can't believe her luck! Miss Lilly has invited her to the Royal Palace of Mouseland to help teach the three princesses a special dance. But on the very first morning, Miss Lilly comes down with the flu and asks...

Angelina Ballerina —Holabird, Katharine, author.

Angelina is a little mouse who wants more than anything else to become a ballerina. Will she be able to make her dancing dreams come true? [Pg. 4 of cover]

Angelina's birthday surprise —Craig, Helen, author.

Angelina the dancing mouse discovers what a special day a birthday can be.

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