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61 Results
The seven silly eaters —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Seven fussy eaters find a way to surprise their mother.

You read to me, I'll read to you : very short fables to read together —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Retells thirteen of Aesop's fables, with each short poem inviting two readers to read their own parts, and then read the passage in the central column together.

The eensy-weensy spider —Hoberman, Mary Ann, author.

This favorite nursery rhyme illustrated with bright, irresistible pictures will delight babies and toddlers. The board book format is perfect for little hands to hold and young children will enjoy seeing all the imaginat...

The sun shines everywhere —Hoberman, Mary Ann, author.

Rhyming text and illustrations celebrate the sun's constancy through history and around the world.

Whose garden is it? —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

When Mrs. McGee passes through a beautiful garden asking whose it is, the gardener is the first to claim it, followed by all of the garden's inhabitants plus the sun and the rain, who also claim it as their own.

You read to me, I'll read to you : very short fairy tales to read together —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

8 fairy tales are retold as very short rhyming stories with a twist at the end encouraging children to read together. Each story is told in two voices, with text in different colors for a pair of readers -- two children,...

Forget-me-nots : poems to learn by heart

Present a new collection of poems, from both classic and contemporary poets, which are especially suited for learning by heart and reciting aloud.

Bill Grogan's goat —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Presents the familiar rhyme about a pesky goat that gets in trouble for eating shirts off the clothesline.

Mary had a little lamb —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

This expanded version of the traditional rhyme shows what happens after the lamb gets to school. Includes music on the last page.

Miss Mary Mack : a hand-clapping rhyme —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An expanded adaptation of the familiar hand-clapping rhyme about a young girl and an elephant. Includes music and directions for the hand-clapping actions.

I like old clothes —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

A child who likes wearing hand-me-downs imagines in verse the history of these clothes.

All kinds of families —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Rhyming text and illustrations explore the ways people, animals, and even objects can form families.

One of each —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Oliver Tolliver, who lives alone in his little house with just one of everything, discovers that it is more fun to have two of everything and share with a friend.

The eensy-weensy spider —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An expanded version of the familiar children's song describing what the little spider does after being washed out of the water-spout. Includes music to sing, a story to read, and games to play.

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