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Beatrice and Croc Harry : a novel —Hill, Lawrence, 1957- author.

"Beatrice, a young girl of uncertain age, wakes up all alone in a forest tree-house. How did she arrive in this cozy dwelling, stocked carefully with bookshelves and oatmeal accoutrements? And who has been leaving a trai...

The illegal : a novel —Hill, Lawrence, 1957-

Fast moving and compelling, The Illegal casts a satirical eye on people who have turned their backs on undocumented refugees struggling to survive in a nation that does not want them. Hill's depiction of life on the bord...

The book of negroes

A universal story of loss, courage and triumph, this recounts the extraordinary journey of Aminata Diallo, an indomitable African woman who survives in a world in which everything seems to be against her. Kidnapped by sl...

Any known blood —Hill, Lawrence, 1957-

Langston Cane V is 38, divorced and working as a government speechwriter, until he's fired for sabotaging the minister's speech. It seems the perfect time for Langston, the eldest son of a white mother and prominent blac...

The warriors
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The Warriors, a New York City street gang, are unfairly blamed for the death of a rival gang leader. Now they must fight for their lives against armies of gangs that outnumber the police 5 to 1!

Christmas classics stories for the whole family
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A collection of classic Christmas fiction.

Black berry, sweet juice on being black and white in Canada —Hill, Lawrence, 1957-
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The son of a black father and a white mother, Lawrence Hill begins this book with personal stories about how his parents met and married, what it was like growing up in an otherwise entirely white Toronto suburb, and how...

Mrs. Pollifax pursued —Gilman, Dorothy, 1923-2012
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In her junk closet, Mrs. Pollifax has found a young woman hiding. Kadi Hopkirk insists she's being followed by two men in a dirty white van. Mrs. P. soon learns Kadi is connected to the assassination of an African presid...

Any known blood a novel —Hill, Lawrence, 1957-
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Canadian Langston Cane V finds his writing career (and, indeed, his life) in stasis until inspired by his mentor to write about an ancestor who purportedly died fighting alongside John Brown at Harpers Ferry. Traveling t...

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