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38 Results
Koda —Hermes, Patricia.

Traveling with his owners from Missouri to Oregon in 1848, Koda, an energetic two-year-old quarter horse, finds the long journey increasingly tedious and tiring until his young owner goes missing on the trail and he mus...

Nothing but trouble, trouble, trouble —Hermes, Patricia.

To prove to her parents that she is grown up enough to babysit,Alex tries to stay out of trouble for two weeks.

Emma Dilemma And The Camping Nanny —Hermes, Patricia.

Instead of spending free time with Emma and her family, Annie the nanny chooses to spend it with Bo. They have signed up for Irish dance class on Sunday nights, and Bo seems to show up whenever Annie has an evening off. ...

Emma Dilemma and the camping nanny —Hermes, Patricia.

Nine-year-old Emma O'Fallon finds herself in increasing difficulties at home and at school as her determined efforts to break up the growing attachment between Irish nanny Annie and her boyfriend Bo cause chaos on a fami...

Calling me home —Hermes, Patricia.

Twelve-year-old Abbie struggles to accept her father's desire to make a new home for his family on the Nebraska prairies of the late 1850s.

My secret Valentine. —Hermes, Patricia.

Katie is having a difficult time in school, and is worried about the upcoming Valentine's Day party.

My girl —Hermes, Patricia.

A young girl discovers it's good to have a friend who understands her, even if it is a boy.

Emma Dilemma and the new nanny —Hermes, Patricia.

Emma tries to help her parents understand that, although their beloved new nanny has made a few mistakes, no one can behave perfectly responsibly all the time.

Emma dilemma and the two nannies —Hermes, Patricia.

Emma and her siblings plot to keep their beloved nanny Annie from going on a three-week vacation and leaving them in the care of the totally uncool, animal-hating Mrs. Potts.

Mama, let's dance : a novel —Hermes, Patricia.

Abandoned by their mother after the death of their father, three youngsters are determined to keep their situation a secret so that the authorities will not split them up and send them to foster homes.

I hate being gifted —Hermes, Patricia.

KT's friendship with her two best friends is threatened when KT is selected for the talented and gifted program at school.

Emma Dilemma, the nanny, and the wedding —Hermes, Patricia.

Emma Dilemma's nanny Annie is getting married, and Emma worries about if she will ever see her again after the wedding.

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