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58 Results
Good knight, Mustache Baby —Heos, Bridget, author.

Baby Billy, from the House of Mustache, and Baby Javier, from the House of Beard, bravely conquer their biggest foe, bedtime, until they both succumb to an enchanted book, which takes them to dreamland where they become ...

Arrr, Mustache Baby! —Heos, Bridget, author.

Mustache Baby and his first mate, Beard Baby, set out to be heroes on the high seas, but soon the lure of pirate treasure takes hold.

Stegothesaurus —Heos, Bridget, author.

Stegothesaurus has little in common with his fellow dinosaurs until he meets an allosaurus that seems as hungry for synonyms as he is.

Good guys 5-minute stories : 10 books in 1!

This collection of ten stories features caring, adventurous, and silly boys whose stories can each be read aloud in five minutes flat. Fearless, fun, determined, daring, kind, and independent ... these boys rock! Whether...

Triceratopposite —Heos, Bridget, author.

Triceratopposite likes to do and say the opposite of what his parents ask him to do.

Follow that bottle! : a plastic recycling journey —Heos, Bridget, author.

"A girl tosses her plastic bottle in a recycling bin and the story follows that plastic bottle through the process of recycling until it becomes a new bottle again"-- Provided by publisher.

I'm a virus! —Heos, Bridget, author.

"In friendly, simple text, the most "common" virus, rhino virus (the common cold) explains how viruses work and spread to young children"-- Provided by publisher.

Treemendous : diary of a not yet mighty oak —Heos, Bridget, author.

Illustrates the life of a tiny acorn growing up to be a tall oak tree.

Follow that paper! : a paper recycling journey —Heos, Bridget, author.

"A girl tosses her old homework paper into a recycling bin and the story follows that paper through the process of recycling until it becomes usable paper again"-- Provided by publisher.

Mustache Baby meets his match —Heos, Bridget, author.

A play date goes awry when Baby Billy and his mustache meet Baby Javier and his beard.

Plants —Heos, Bridget, author.

Get the facts on an array of leafy organisms and discover the unexpected ways humans and plants are alike in this installment in the Just Like Us! Series.

Do you really want to meet a camel? —Heos, Bridget, author.

"A girl travels to the Gobi Desert, joins a group of photographers who are studying wild camels, and learns how camels have adapted to the desert and how they behave in the wild"-- Provided by publisher.

Blood, bullets, and bones : the story of forensic science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA —Heos, Bridget, author.

"Blood, bullets, and bones provides young readers with a fresh and fascinating look at the ever-evolving science of forensics. Since the introduction of DNA testing, forensic science has been in the forefront of the publ...

Telling time —Heos, Bridget, author.

"A young boy learns to tell time on digital and analog clocks as he impatiently waits for a friend to come over to play."-- Provided by publisher.

From wheat to bread —Heos, Bridget, author.

"A child wonders where bread comes from and learns about the jobs of a wheat farmer, a miller, and a baker in a bread factory as they describe the steps in bread-making. This illustrated narrative nonfiction book include...

Do you really want a lizard? —Heos, Bridget, author.

"Several lizards (and the narrator) teach a young girl the responsibility--and the joys--of caring for a pet lizard. Includes "Is this pet right for me?" quiz"-- Provided by publisher.

Do you really want to meet a badger? —Heos, Bridget, author.

"A boy goes to a prairie to look for a badger in the wild and observes how they hunt"-- Provided by publisher.

Fairy's first day of school —Heos, Bridget, author.

A young fairy is enlightened on what to expect on the first day of school.

Be safe on your bike —Heos, Bridget, author.

"Samantha teaches her somewhat clueless neighbor boy Jake how to ride his bicycle safely they go for a bike ride and get ice cream"-- Provided by publisher.

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