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34 Results
Death trap : an Alaska mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020

Foregoing her sled dog training after knee surgery, a bored Jessie Arnold goes to help in an Iditarod booth at the Alaska State Fair, but the event is overshadowed by a murder and the disappearance of her lead dog.

The end of the road a Maxie and Stretch mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020
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Sixty-something Maxie McNabb and her miniature dachshund, Stretch, are just back home from their latest adventure, and are preparing to settle in for the approaching winter. They go for a walk along the beach before the ...

Degrees of separation : a Jessie Arnold mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020

"After months of recuperating from knee surgery, Jessie Arnold is eager to begin training for this year's Iditarod. With the loving care of Alaska state trooper Alex Jensen, her convalescence wasn't as painful as it coul...

The refuge : a Maxie and Stretch mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020

When her best friend Karen is hobbled by an accident, Maxie heads home to Hawaii from her Alaska vacation, intent on getting to the bottom of things. She suspects Karen is hiding something from her, and Maxie's usually r...

Cold company an Alaska mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020
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When a body is discovered in Jessie Arnold's home, she finds that she herself may be the next victim.

Dead north : an Alaska mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020

What was once the home of champion Alaskan musher Jessie Arnold is now a pile of charred logs and ashes. With her life in pieces, she gratefully accepts a friend's proposal that she drive his RV up from Idaho, along a tw...

Cold company : an Alaska mystery —Henry, Sue, 1940-2020

While rebuilding her home, Jessie Arnold unearths an old skeleton which proves to be the remains of a victim of Alaska's most notorious serial killer. When another woman disappears, Arnold fears that an old evil has retu...

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