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6 Results
Let's call it a doomsday —Henry, Katie, author.

Ellis Kimball, sixteen, whose anxiety disorder causes her to prepare for the imminent end of the world, meets Hannah, who claims to know when it will happen.

Heretics Anonymous —Henry, Katie, author. (Musician)

When nonbeliever Michael transfers to a Catholic school in eleventh grade, he quickly connects with a secret support group intent on exposing the school's hypocrisies one stunt at a time.

This will be funny someday —Henry, Katie, author.

Sixteen-year-old Izzy has stumbled across her dream of doing stand-up comedy, but hiding it from family and friends is causing her many untruths to quickly unravel.

Let's Call It a Doomsday —Henry, Katie, author.

An Amazon Best Book of the Month! An engrossing and thoughtful contemporary tale that tackles faith, friendship, family, anxiety, and the potential apocalypse from Katie Henry, the acclaimed author of Heretics Anonymous ...