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7 Results
The enchanted storks : a tale of Bagdad —Shepard, Aaron.

The Calif of Baghdad is turned into a stork by an evil sorcerer, the only one who knows the magic word that will restore the Calif to his human form.

Лучшие сказки со всего мира Luchshie skazki so vsego mira

Fairy tales originally collected in Europe, retold by various adaptors; short stories retold by various adaptors; abridgements of stories or novels abridged or adapted by various abridgers or adaptors; illustrated by var...

Little Mook : and, Dwarf Longnose —Hauff, Wilhelm, 1802-1827.

Two stories in which disadvantaged characters use magic to overcome adversity.

Muk —Hauff, Wilhelm, 1802-1827

A dwarf proves that it is mind, not body, that is important.

Карлик ніс Karlyk nis —Гауф, Вільгельм, 1802-1827. —Hauff, Wilhelm, 1802-1827.

After unwisely insulting a disagreeable old woman in the market, Jacob is persuaded to help carry her purchases home and unknowingly falls under a spell that lasts seven years and drastically changes his appearance.