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26 Results
Bell's Star —Hart, Alison, 1950-

In the Vermont spring of 1853, Bell's Star, a Morgan horse, and his owner Katie rescue a runaway slave and try to outwit the slave catchers in order to help her to freedom.

Risky Chance —Hart, Alison, 1950-

In the mid- to late-1930s, Risky Chance grows from a spirited colt to a winning racehorse, but an injury and the Great Depression bring hardship that only a special little girl can help him overcome.

Shadow horse —Hart, Alison, 1950-

Thirteen-year-old Jas tries to prove that the owner of the farm where she works has killed her favorite horse, Whirlwind.

A spy on the home front : a Molly mystery —Hart, Alison, 1950-

During a visit to her grandparents' Illinois farm in 1944, ten-year-old Molly tries to prove the innocence of a German-American neighbor whom the FBI suspects of smuggling anti-American propaganda. Includes historical no...

Taking the reins —Hart, Alison, 1950-

The reader makes a series of choices that determine how the story's main character will deal with being asked to ride the spirited Silver Sky in a horse show after being thrown in her previous competition.

Bound for snow —Hart, Alison, 1950-

The reader's decisions determine the main character's success in learning to snowboard and train a young dog to pull a dogsled.

Danger at the Wild West show —Hart, Alison, 1950-

Twelve-year-old Rose sets out to prove her brother's innocence when he is accused of shooting a politician during a Wild West show performance in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1886.

Anna's blizzard —Hart, Alison, 1950-

Having never excelled at schoolwork, twelve-year-old Anna discovers that she may know a few things about survival when the 1888 Children's Blizzard traps her and her classmates in their Nebraska schoolhouse.

Chase : a police story —Hart, Alison, 1950-

A police officer must use her best judgment while trying to catch an escaped convict who has stolen a car and headed for Staunton, Virginia.

Whirlwind —Hart, Alison, 1950-

While working at Second Chance Farm, a rescue center, Jas tries to find Whirlwind, her favorite horse that she thought had been killed by its wealthy and unscrupulous owner.

Rescue : a police story. —Hart, Alison, 1950-

When armed robbers take hostages at a bank in downtown Staunton, Virginia, specialized units within the Police Department coordinate their efforts to diffuse the situation.

Emma's river —Hart, Alison, 1950-

In 1852, Emma, her pregnant mother and her pony board the steamboat Sally May to meet her father in St. Joseph, Missouri, but when the ship suddenly explodes in a fiery blaze, Emma and all onboard must fight for their su...

The runaway : a Maryellen mystery —Hart, Alison, 1950- author.

When her pet dachshund, Scooter, goes missing, Maryellen decides to go looking for him, a search which leads her to the rocket launchpad at Cape Canaveral.

Darling, mercy dog of World War I —Hart, Alison, 1950-

In Cosham, England, in 1917, Darling, a mischievous collie, must leave the children who love her when she is chosen for training as a mercy dog, seeking out injured soldiers on the battlefield and leading medics to them....

Jina rides to win. —Hart, Alison, 1950-

Jina Williams is one of the best riders at Foxhall Academy. She even boards her own horse at the school stables. Jina knows she and Superstar can win the Junior Working Hunter Horse of the Year Award. But when she pushes...

Andie's risky business. —Hart, Alison, 1950-

Andie's dad still hasn't bought magic, and Andie's getting very impatient. Hoping to impress her father, she starts her own business on campus. Andie the Boss directs her roommates in horse grooming, tack cleaning, laund...

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