20 Results
20 Results
Trick or treat! —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters are dressed up and ready for the spookiest night of the year! But who came to the party dressed as a ghost? Is this Halloween party haunted, or is someone pulling off the ultimate t...

Road Trip! —Hargreaves, Adam, author.

The Mr. Men Little Miss crew is traveling across America on a road trip that has something for everyone, from Niagara Falls to the Grand Canyon to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With visits to the biggest and most famous si...

Back to school with Mr. Men Little Miss —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

Get ready to go back to school with the Mr. Men and Little Misses in this fun story! Little Miss Tiny is excited for her first day of school. Some of the other Mr. Men and Little Miss are joining her, and they've got a f...

Pirate adventure —Edelman, Lana, author.

When they are taken aboard a pirate ship, Mr. Happy and his friends must perform various jobs, including finding a sunken ship and its buried treasure.

Little Miss Valentine —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

It's Little Miss Valentine's favourite time of year--Valentine's Day! But as she writes and delivers cards to her friends, nothing goes as planned. Before long, she and her friends realize that all they need is their fri...

Dr. Twelfth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

Dr. Twelfth's oldest adversary returns in a time-bending chase through Earth's history. Will the Doctor prevail, or does Missy finally have her day?

Christmas surprise —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

It's Christmas Eve, and the Doctor and Donna are sipping at mugs of hot chocolate. Donna looks to the Doctor and announces, I hope I get a surprise for Christmas. The Doctor knows what he has to do.

Dr. First —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

Meet Dr. First. He is in a bad mood because he can't find his granddaughter. However, that soon becomes the least of his problems.

Dr. Thirteenth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

A celebration in the works sends the Doctor and her companions time traveling once again.

Dr. Third —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

he Doctor just wants to get back to his lab -- but some trapped friends, an unexpected snowstorm, and some icy visitors get in the way.

Dr. Thirteenth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

A celebration in the works sends the Doctor and her companions time traveling once again.

Dr. Fourth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

When Dr. Fourth and Sarah Jane run into some old enemies, it takes all their cleverness and cunning to prevent extermination.

Dr. Fifth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

The crew of the TARDIS sets out to replenish supplies when they run into an unexpected foe -- and only the Doctor can stop him.

Little Miss Inventor —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

Little Miss Inventor can invent anything, but she struggles to come up with a birthday present for Mr. Rude.

Dr. Sixth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

The TARDIS is caught in a time distortion, forcing the Doctor to confront his old foe Rani in an epic battle of wits.

Dr. Tenth —Hargreaves, Adam, author, illustrator.

What is the Doctor to do with he's trapped on an alien world with an unhappy Sontaran?