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House of the patriarch —Hambly, Barbara, author.

"New Orleans, 1840. Freshly home from a dangerous journey, the last thing Benjamin January wants to do is leave his wife and young sons again. But when old friends Henri and Chloe Viellard ask for his help tracking down ...

Scandal in Babylon —Hambly, Barbara, author.

"1924. After six months in Hollywood, young British widow Emma Blackstone has come to love her new employer, glamourous movie-star Kitty Flint -- even if her late husband's sister is one of the worst actresses she's ever...

Ishmael : a Star trek novel —Hambly, Barbara, author.

A bizarre cosmic phenomenon causes a Klingon ship to suddenly vanish with Spock aboard for the ride.

Lady of perdition —Hambly, Barbara, author.

"April, 1840. Benjamin January knows no black person in their right mind would willingly go to the Republic of Texas but when his former pupil Selina Bellinger is kidnapped and enslaved, he has no choice. Once there he i...

Cold bayou —Hambly, Barbara, author.

New Orleans, 1839. Despite his misgivings, Benjamin January has agreed to play the piano at the wedding of wealthy French Creole landowner Veryl St-Chinian. All is not well, for the marriage of 67-year-old, profoundly in...

Prisoner of midnight —Hambly, Barbara, author.

Vampire Don Simon Ysido has been captured and held aboard a ship heading to the US to act as a slave, and Dr. Lydia Asher must stop it... at any cost. March, 1917. The goal of every government involved in the Great War h...

Benjamin January. Books 14-16 —Hambly, Barbara, author.
DAISY Sound Recording
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Three mysteries featuring mixed-race former slave Benjamin January, a surgeon and music teacher in 1830s New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Probability Pad : The Greenwich Village Trilogy Book Three —Waters, T. A., author.

After a trip to San Francisco that led to an odyssey in search of a lost unicorn, time-traveling hippie heroes Chester, Michael, and T.A. return to New York City where they're confronted with duplicates of themselves -- ...