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The crooked good —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.

"The heartbreaking dysfunction of a Native family, and the haunted memories and temptations of one woman's quest, are tempered by the tenderness, the loyalty, and the outbursts of earthy laughter that distinguish Louise ...

Blue marrow —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.

The voices of Blue Marrow sing out from the past and the present. They are the voices of the Grandmothers, both personal and legendary. They share their wisdom, their lives, their dreams. They proclaim the injustice of c...

Burning in this midnight dream —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.

Burning in the Midnight Dream is the latest collection of poems by Louise Bernice Halfe. Many were written in response to the grim tide of emotions, memories, dreams and nightmares that arose in her as the Truth and Reco...

Awâsis : kinky and dishevelled —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.

A gender-fluid trickster character leaps from Cree stories to inhabit this racous and rebellious new work by award-winning poet Louise Bernice Halfe.

Bear bones & feathers —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.

"In this new edition of her powerful debut, Plains Cree writer and National Poet Laureate Louise B. Halfe - Sky Dancer reckons with personal history within cultural genocide. Employing Indigenous spirituality, black come...

Blue marrow —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.

The struggle of native American peoples after the arrival of The Europeans is well documented, even in poetry. Yet Blue Marrow introduces a unique voice and perspective to this tension, one that is poignant and simultane...

awâsis - kinky and dishevelled —Halfe, Louise, 1953- author.
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There are no pronouns in Cree for gender; awâsis (which means illuminated child) reveals herself through shapeshifting, adopting different genders, exploring the English language with merriment, and sharing his journey ...