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50 Results
The treaty alphabet book! —Hadubiak, Maxine.

"Read and learn all about Canada's treaties with the First Nations peoples. This must have book is a story for all Canadians. The factual and captivating story covers each letter of the alphabet A through Z, which allows...

Aboriginal leaders of Canada : crusaders for equality and treaty rights —Hadubiak, Maxine.

This resource is made up of seven 8.5" x 11" portraits and biographies. Discussion questions and learning activities follow each biography.

A treaty story —Hadubiak, Maxine.

Although the treaties were signed long ago, treay negotiations continue to this day. By understanding and respecting each other, we may all enjoy the benefits and the true meaning of treaty which is living in peace and ...

All about the Treaty People in my Community —Hadubiak, Maxine, author.

Read and learn all about the First Nations Treaty people and how they affect the people around them. By having the native people sign treaties with the Crown it helps new settlers like the Ukrainian settlers who were arr...

The Métis : a photo story —Hadubiak, Maxine.

This photo story captures Métis life in the fur trade, in the Red River and Batoche Settlements, in the Northwest Resistance, and much, much more! This unique core curricular resource also allows for easy reading, and l...

Celebrating the treaties! —Hadubiak, Maxine.

Explains how and why the treaties came to be, along with their significance to Canadians.

All about the Métis : Canada's trailblazers —Hadubiak, Maxine.

"This fun-filled, informative book focuses solely on Canadian Métis Culture and History. This resources is an asset when teaching and learning curricular objectives in grades 4 to 6 Social Studies. This must-have book i...

A special community from Canada's past : a Métis story —Hadubiak, Maxine.

This book provides a factual account about the rise of Batoche, a Métis community on the Prairies. The book is filled with a multitude of awesome photographs which illustrate and enhance the story of this vibrant commun...

A number journey : an Aboriginal story —Hadubiak, Maxine.

Once long ago, in a place called Kanata, there was one boy named One Eagle, who followed one trail. While walking on the trail, One Eagle meets different animals.

The treaties from A to Z —Hadubiak, Maxine.

This book focuses on the following curricular objectives: the concepts of treaties, citizenship, rules and responsibilities of Government, Government leaders, Canada's history, the history of the treaties, and First Nati...

Nohkom went to residential school —Hadubiak, Maxine.

Learn about one grandmother{u2019}s Residential School experience through the eyes of her granddaughter. This powerful story describes the ordeals and hardships the grandmother faced during her long placement at the scho...

The First Nations of the Plains : a photo story —Hadubiak, Maxine.

"This one-of-a-kind resource is filled with coloured photo pages that capture the Plains region and the heritage of its First Peoples. Like a visual field trip, one will find amazing photographs of the Plains region, its...

A trading post community —Hadubiak, Maxine.

This informative book centers around the concept of community, the fur trade, its participants, and the important role and influence that First Nations and Métis people had on the fur trade.

The Aboriginals' and their many special colours! —Hadubiak, Maxine.

"Coloured stickers are used to enhance the learning and fun in the activity pages. Includes a 20 piece Dreamcatcher paper puzzle." -- Publisher

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