16 Results
16 Results
Christmas for the snowmen —Hänel, Wolfram.

When snowmen, Jimmy, Jack, and Junior, find the weather outside too cold and lonely on Christmas Eve, the neighborhood children come and help by creating new friends for them.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Snowman! —Hänel, Wolfram.

It's a wonderful, snowy Christmas Day, but mice Pip and Squeak can't stop looking at the snowman standing all alone with no one to help him celebrate. A warm place is no place for a snowman. What will Pip and Squeak do s...

Little elephant runs away —Hänel, Wolfram.

Little Elephant, lost in the jungle after running away from his unkind brother and sister, comes up with a way to get home again.

Abby —Hänel, Wolfram.

Abby the dog is Moira's best friend, and when she accidentally is poisoned, Moira tends to her all through the day and night, even after everyone else has given up hope for her recovery.

The old man and the bear —Hänel, Wolfram.

Old Mahony and Big Bill the bear learn a lesson about working together when their efforts to each catch more salmon than the other leads to trouble.

Weekend with Grandmother —Hänel, Wolfram.

Tony's grandmother, whom he seldom gets to see, takes him on a weekend jaunt and proves to be a dynamic and resourceful companion.

Little elephant's song —Hänel, Wolfram.

Baby elephant has learned to do many things like catch bananas with his trunk and spray water, but he has not mastered the trumpeting sound that will keep him safe.

The gold at the end of the rainbow —Hänel, Wolfram.

Daniel's grandfather insists that the story about treasure at the end of a rainbow is only a fairy tale, but when he and Daniel encounter a leprechaun after spending a day looking for the gold, he is not so certain.

Lila's little dinosaur —Hänel, Wolfram.

When her father takes her to the museum, Lila, who likes dinosaurs more than anything else, finds a little live dinosaur who becomes so fond of her that he follows her home.

Old Mahony and the bear family —Hänel, Wolfram.

When a whole family of fun-loving bears shows up at the river where usually only he and Big Bill the bear fish, Old Mahony decides to make a trap to get rid of the noisy newcomers.

The extraordinary adventures of an ordinary hat —Hänel, Wolfram.

After spending years on a shelf in a hat shop and then some time with a rather ordinary owner, a bowler flies off to the life of his dreams.

The other side of the bridge —Hänel, Wolfram.

When Andy loses his way in a snowstorm, Old Jasper, a hermit reputed to eat children for breakfast, is the one responsible for saving him.

Rescue at sea! —Hänel, Wolfram.

Nine-year-old Paul wants a dog and he proves himself worthy when he courageously rescues a dog stranded in a fishing boat during a storm.